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Reduced Smart Home Electrical Installation Costs & Energy Consumption

Solar Powered Lighting & Heating for Lower Landlord Energy Costs

'Solar Primed' Low Energy Offices - Reducing Costs & Carbon

Smart, safe and easy to install, power infrastructure


Quick to install power solutions

Our DC infrastructures are now enabling a new generation of low-energy buildings that are quick and easy to install for affordable housing, student accommodation and a host of other building requirements.


Savings for businesses with low voltage devices

Our innovative low energy Solar-Primed Power over Ethernet infrastructure can transform your business’s financial profile delivering game-changing savings in energy bills, carbon emissions and reduced cables and AC plug points.


Saving Energy Costs & Carbon for Schools

ELe®’s award-winning Low Voltage infrastructure is uniquely designed to deliver reliable, high performance computing  suites for students and staff at a fraction of the energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Direct Current (DC) vs Alternate Current (AC)

ELE AC vs DC Electricity Video
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So what exactly is the problem with powering electronic devices using AC power?

All electronic devices such as LED lights, Computer,s TV’s, Tablets & Phones are run on 48V or lower DC -- So why are we still running 240V AC to power them?  Every device needs an AC to DC converter which can cause an extra 15% energy loss.

ELe’s unique Low Voltage power infrastructures utilising ‘Power over Ethernet’ PoE cabling eliminates the waste of AC/DC conversion simplifying installation & maintenance and delivering energy cost and carbon emission savings.

Who have we worked with?

What do people say about ELe®?

“The ELe team have been absolute brilliant working with Bradford Council and working tirelessly in the background to make this pilot a success. They have also gone the extra mile by involving the University of Bradford in their work and now creating a collaboration between the Council,University and ELe® to further enhance the product but also start to use the data captured for some ground breaking work from ELe®. “ Yunus Mayat

Enterprise<br /> Architect and Information Manager , Bradford Council

The new computers are fantastic, they are so quiet and use such little energy it is exactly what we were looking for. I did not know that a desktop computer and it’s LED screen could be powered using a single ethernet cable! The computers cost about 3p a day to run and with 32 computers in the suite, less than a £1 per day in electricity. We look forward to installing more Intel NUC’s powered by ELe in the future” Sally Andrews

IT, Ryecroft C.E. Middle School

ELe’s energy and cost saving computing equipment fits perfectly with our aim to provide schools with the latest, most innovative technology at an affordable price-point. In addition to lower running costs, ELe computers are extremely high performing and assist schools in meeting their environmental responsibilities.  The ELe team are like an extension of our own company. Their support is fast and effective, and with technical backup from the technology developers, we have full confidence when recommending and supplying schools.


Simon Sloan

Operations Manager, Hi-Impact Consultancy

“Extreme Low Energy has some amazing low voltage technology that we are very excited to be installing in some of our new build properties. As well as their existing line of products, we are working together to bring even more innovative tech to the housing market. We were so impressed with the ELe® kit that we even built a low voltage modular meeting POD in our car-park – powered by ELe®! We are happy to be in partnership with them to help develop their technology further across our portfolio.” Jonathon Provost

Disruption Officer, Halton Housing

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