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Extreme Low Energy LtdABOUT ELe®

Established in 2014, Extreme Low Energy Ltd / ELe® is a UK multi-award winning low energy product specialist covering LED Lighting, Electric Heating and Renewable Power across a wide variety of markets, including education, leisure and off-grid, commercial and industrial, housing, security and horticultural.



We pride ourselves in designing and delivering the most energy-efficient ultra-low energy building and housing solutions helping the UK transition to a net-zero carbon environment.

Find out how your business can reduce carbon emissions and how ELe® can help you lead the way to go net-zero, with their green technology solutions.


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Bill Rowlatt, Shepherd Hut Owner
“My Shepherd’s hut was a bespoke design and ordered through Riverside Shepherd’s Huts of Hanbury in Worcestershire, who hold an excellent reputation for high quality, reliability and workmanship. The hut was to be placed on my own land at a rural location of North Herefordshire, but I soon found out that the costs of a connection to the national grid was a very expensive option. ELe®, Extreme Low Energy Ltd., came and installed their solar powered energy system, which I am highly impressed with. Six interlinked solar ground mounted panels were neatly connected together and now supply all of the electricity I need from 3 kw battery storage with 3 kw of power output. The installation inside too, was completed neatly and efficiently and the first thing I did was to turn on all the lights and boil a kettle! The engineers who came and fitted the system were extremely polite, helpful and I couldn’t have wished for anything better. Very highly recommended.”

Brian Ham, Executive Director - Development Home Group
“Home Group are keen to drive technical innovation for 21st Century  housing.  We’re delighted that Extreme Low Energy are installing their DC Power & Data networks into 2 houses at our Innovation Village in Gateshead and 6 houses in West Cumbria.”

Jonathon Provost, Disruption Officer - Halton Housing
“Extreme Low Energy has some amazing low voltage technology that we are very excited to be installing in some of our new build properties. As well as their existing line of products, we are working together to bring even more innovative tech to the housing market. We were so impressed with the ELe® kit that we even built a low voltage modular meeting POD in our car-park – powered by ELe®! We are happy to be in partnership with them to help develop their technology further across our portfolio.”

Martin Davis, Partner Channel Partner - Signify UK
“ELe® were handpicked for Signify's North West Value Added Partner, not just because of their current knowledge within the field of lighting, but for their skills surrounding connected lighting and their innovative ability to power devices sustainably using ethernet cabling. Their customer focus and aptitude to design the optimal and most energy efficient solutions, is perfectly aligned to our aspirations for where we want to develop as a business. We are excited to be working with such a forward thinking partner in the UK and are pleased to already be delivering projects with ELe® for companies across the region that are working to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprints such as Electricity North West (ENW).”

James Hallas, Customer Solutions Director - Electricity North West (Construction & Maintenance) Limited
“We are developing a new programme of initiatives to support carbon reduction activity in our communities, Low Energy lighting is just part of an overall package we are aiming to offer along with other renewable energy generation technologies. ELe® has been selected as a key strategical partner as they clearly stood apart with their ‘in-front-of-the-meter’ technology and skill sets and have a very strong offering aligned to ours for creating solutions to address current energy challenges across buildings and smart cities. Their lighting solutions ranged from traditional AC products to full low voltage PoE connect lighting systems and were a key factor for us choosing them as our partner so we can future-proof offerings for our business and customers.”

Sally Andrews - Ryecroft C.E Middle School
“The new computers are fantastic, they are so quiet and use such little energy it is exactly what we were looking for. I did not know you could power a computer and its screen with an existing ethernet cable like this! We look forward to installing more Intel NUC’s powered by ELe® in the future.”

Andy Ellis, Head of Electrical - Millfield School
“The light quality is much better and the improved colour rendering has enhanced the décor of the spaces. Given that the lighting is on for at least 12 hours a day, we will also save a considerable amount of energy – around 700,000 kWh over the next 10 years.”

Janet Nuttall - Pod Owner
"ELe® installed a range of products to create a SMART glamping style pod including LED Lighting controlled via Alexa and Flexi Solar Panels used as an ideal alternative for renewable power, which were also an eco-solution that fitted the unique design of the pod. Having power in my remote wood is a luxury that I never imagined I could have; I am delighted with the solutions ELe® provided."

Paul Worthington - Installer
"The kit was plug and play straight out of the box. It was very easy to install and eliminated the requirement for an electrician and PAT testing. I am very impressed with the technology provided by ELe® "

Mick Daley, Safety / Health & Environment Manager - BPL
“The installation was delivered very professionally and tidily. We can’t believe how quick the project was installed without affecting any staff or members. We are looking forward to seeing the energy savings from the solar panels and promoting the use of renewable technology to our customers. John and the team were excellent from the very first meeting to the final handover and we have a built a great relationship with ELe® and look forward to working with them in the future.”



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