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Security Solutions

The ELe® Security  Kits are much more than just a UPS – the power packs become the primary source of electricity for all electronic devices (cameras, network, telecommunications equipment) and can utilise a grid supply to charge the batteries during off-peak periods or as and when power is available such as intermittent power supplies, or from generators and clean renewable energy supplies from solar panels and wind turbines.

Delivering security solutions into areas that have previously been inaccessible to technology is changing the levels and quality of security that can be provided”

There are identified blind spots in the highways camera network which are usually caused by areas with limited power sources such as lamp posts that lose their power during daylight hours. This means that some installations do not go ahead due to cost, or equipment can be prone to failure due to intermittent power. There are also battery backup systems out there to protect the back-end server hardware but the ELe® system delivers power to the whole system, the peripherals and devices that are critical for the whole security solution.

“Simple plug & play ‘power-over-ethernet’ technology enables speedy installations too which improves install time & costs”

Our Security offer is – Always-on guaranteed 24/7 Security & Surveillance solutions, powered by Solar & Battery packs, backed up by the Grid if available.

Key Benefits of the ELe® Security Solution:

Off-grid or Hybrid power solution
Remote system management such as load switching via App
Variable voltage outputs
Full GSM monitoring showing Power usage, battery levels
Integrated battery and distribution
Pure solar power
Pole or 19″ Rack mounted units
System distress signals in case of faults like battery low charge levels
Easy installation
Low maintenance



Security Projects


Motorway Camera Surveillance Centre

Rack mounted Lithium Battery packs used to power the surveillance operators desktop computers & LED screens using the innovative ELe power over ethernet solution.

Highways Agency & Police ANPR Cameras

Road-side cabinet installations to power to Security equipment in areas without continuous electricity.

Military and Remote Pole Mounted Solar Powered Security Kits

Delivering power to areas across vast expanses where cameras and surveillance not have previously achieved.

Construction Site Cabins

Powering security cameras overnight and at weekends when the generators are not allowed to operate for sound reasons. Also charging the batteries off solar power when available.

Network Rail – Station Security

Platform and station security cameras powered 24/7 over the innovative ELe power over ethernet solution.


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