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Remote Power Solution for COVID-19 Mobile Testing Laboratories

Customer:  Circular 1 Health

Sector:        Health and Wellbeing Services

Remote Power Solution for COVID-19 Mobile Testing Laboratories

ircular 1 Health Case Study


Circular 1 Health are a leading provider of COVID-19 testing and screening services from both fixed and mobile laboratories, biosecurity, anti-virus entry systems, track and trace solutions. They operate from four fixed testing laboratories with a growing number of mobile testing laboratories.

Circular 1 Health required a secure mobile power supply solution to operate their converted containerised COVID-19 mobile testing laboratories, with the aim to be functioning effectively within a very short space of time, the project delivery was 4-weeks.

Our Approach:

ELe® were tremendously excited to collaborate with Circular 1 Health on this project with extensive experience in designing, engineering, delivering and installing smart solutions in this area making ELe® the perfect partner.

Our approach of an in-depth consultation with Circular 1 was to discover and discuss their project issues and design a solution that met their specific requirements. After consulting with the customer, we provided a robust power supply solution to meet the critical electrical circuits of the mobile testing laboratories.

ELe® enabled the Circular 1 Health team to carry out testing when issues occur with power supplies.  The ELe® battery power system with remote monitoring and reporting was the ideal solution to power the laboratories.

The Solution:

Extreme Low Energy Ltd (ELe®), an expert in energy efficiency and renewable technology provided a full electrical installation of sustainable products including LED lighting and critical power sockets which were all supported by ELe® battery backup system providing business continuity for the mobile testing laboratories.

The ELe® battery backup system monitors power and is resilient to power cuts (guaranteeing power), remote monitoring fuel and reporting live power data helps Circular 1 Health to keep their mobile testing facility functional operating efficiently and safely. The ELe® team installed the whole mobile power supply system in just 4-weeks from the initial order, meeting the project brief.

The ELe® solution also contained LED lighting delivering a low glare and shadow free lighting system that meets specific laboratory standards as well as providing heating and power to each mobile unit at a substantially lower energy cost.  All installed systems are capable of accepting a renewable power source such as solar PV or wind power.

Key benefits: Circular 1 Health found many benefits of the ELe® battery backup smart power supply solution providing a robust critical back-up system, that is plug and play. The SMART App monitoring and control system provides live data analysis, making this perfect for fast response if there is ever an issue with the main power supply. Additional health and wellbeing benefits include creating a safe environment for staff, ensuring no loss of COVD-19 testing, which in these unprecedented times is significant.

Customer Outcome:

Mark Frost, Circular 1 Health commented; “We are delighted with the solution provided by ELe® for our mobile testing laboratories, the system was in place and operational within 4 weeks of me placing an order. It helped to increase the speed of our COVID-19 testing; we can deploy our services with a sustainable solution that has helped us continue providing our services safely.”


Circular 1 Health Case Study Remote Power Solution



Circular 1 Health Case Study Remote Power Solutions






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