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Commercial & Industrial

Simplifying the commercial and industrial market with Low Voltage Solutions.

Hybrid Low Energy Offices – LED Lighting & PoE computing powered either by the Grid or by Solar & Battery packs, backed up by the Grid.

Improving energy efficiency by reducing the energy wasted in electric devices – brings down energy bills and Carbon footprints”

Low energy LED lighting that meets your requirements for attractiveness , efficiency, comfort and compliance and reduces your operation and maintenance costs whilst also making an important contribution to workplace wellbeing.

  • All ELe® LED schemes are fully ECA compliant, allowing a 20% cost recliam via HMRC.

“Simple plug & play ‘power-over-ethernet’ technology enables ICT installers to remove the need for electricians, which improves install time & costs”

And to ICT Operators & Users the ELe® solution delivers much more than just energy savings & a simple speedy installation…

“Simplified & reduced ongoing maintenance and the ability to design out systems that require restrictive mains cabling & portable appliance safety tests (PAT)”


Commercial & Industrial Projects



Reaseheath College –

An energy-efficient fully automated and monitored growing system installed at Reaseheath College delivered by iGrowing, enables crops to be grown more efficiently in multi-tiered urban farms at their Vertical Farming Centre.

All powered and controlled via the ELe® App and Low Voltage System supported by a state-of-the-art renewable solar panel energy system.


Reaseheath Vertical Farming Centre Supported by Solar PV Power


Manchester Metropolitan University – 

ELe® installed a wide selection of cutting-edge energy saving products to the roof of Manchester Metropolitan University: Solar and Battery Research Project.


Solar installation project at Manchester Metropolitan University


Student Accommodation at Fleetwood Nautical College –

Installed a wide selection of cutting-edge energy products into a number of energy efficient student accommodation residential spaces, to provide Solar Power over Ethernet (PoE) LED lighting and energy saving charging points.


Bradford Council Offices

Pilot scheme deployed with the installation of leading edge energy efficiency LED Lighting & Desktop Computers powered using the innovative ELe® Power over Ethernet (PoE) office solution.

Lancaster University CGE Offices – 

Installed new low energy desktop computers powered using the innovative ELe® Power over Ethernet (PoE) office solution.


Digital Native Training Centre – 

Installed 8 high performance Intel® i3 8GB desktop computers, along with 8 ELe® low energy 19”inch monitors into Digital Native’s new Pearson Examination Suite. Power was distributed via the building’s existing CAT5e Ethernet cabling and infrastructure.



Walsall Housing Group (WHG) – 

Installed new DC power LED screens and Intel NUC computers, so that each screen and its PC can each be run solely off using the innovative ELe® power over ethernet solution.  Provided power monitoring data for each PC to show actual computer usage.



Barnsley Premier Leisure – 

122kWp Solar PV System installed by Extreme Low Energy Ltd at Barnsley Premier Leisure facility in Mansfield. The whole system was installed in 2 weeks during the gym’s lockdown period and was completed in time for the gym’s reopening at the end of July 2020.




Installed a new SMART Warehouse Low Energy LED Lighting and Control System, which included automated and wirelessly controlled LED lighting technology.  Providing a future proof warehouse with the lowest lighting operating and maintenance costs.




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