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Energy Efficient Housing Solutions SMART HOME SYSTEMS Enquire Now Low Energy Gas-Free Power, Lighting & Heating

Energy-Efficient Housing Solutions

Multi-award winning low energy technology firm Extreme Low Energy Ltd / ELe® is at the forefront of energy innovation providing the housing market with low energy net zero (gas-free) heating, lighting and renewable power solutions for new-build and refurbishment residential developments.

ELe® offers cost-effective solutions to deliver sustainable green housing for developers and landlords.  Reducing energy usage, minimise ongoing maintenance costs and achieve the governments 2025 targets for delivering affordable gas-free homes.

Their innovative SMART home systems enables housing developers to be more intelligent, energy-efficient and safe, monitored and managed by ELe’s innovative Intelligent Control Unit makes this system the perfect low energy net zero solution.


ELe’s SMART ‘Electricity Delivered Intelligently and Efficiently’ Unit

The EDIE is a UK developed, intelligent machine learning and control system that automatically monitors and manages a building’s Grid usage, Solar, Battery, EV charging, Heating, Hot Water and overall home electrical usage and environmental aspects including Temperature and Humidity.


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ELe(ctric)™ Building Technology

The ELe® SMART home system in an integrated electrical building solution that monitors, controls and delivers low voltage electric heating, lighting and power to reduce energy bills, carbon outputs, maintenance costs and and enables a more comfortable and healthy living environment for the occupiers.

ELe’s SMART system benefits a range of customers including landlords (especially social), building maintenance contactors owner-occupiers and tenants.

Through constant and automatic measurement, analysis, machine learning and reporting of a variety of conditions, combined with control of certain electrical devices, the ELe® SMART home system can:

✓ Optimise energy consumption.
✓ Enhance safety and fault monitoring.
✓ Enable proactive maintenance.
✓ Improve internal living conditions and comfort levels.

Do you want your homes / buildings to be more energy-efficient, greener and safer?

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Richmond Housing PoE Lighting & charging, solar power directly into battery packs
Modular Home Lighting

Package 1: LED Lighting Control

Key Benefits of ELe’s Wireless Kinetic Wall Switches:

✓ No chasing out walls to put light switches in, flexible and moveable.
✓ Light switches can be put on the wall after the painters have completed.
✓ Light switches can be placed into areas where cables cannot be run for easy access.
✓ Lights can be controlled by the light switches without the need for internet connection.
✓ The ELe® Light control boards have WiFi functionality and can be remotely controlled via the internet or smartphone app with voice control  Alexa / Google.
✓ Solar power can be fed directly into the lighting circuits.
✓ AC transformers/drivers can be removed for additional 10-15% lighting energy savings.

Package 2: ELe(ctric)™ Radiant Heating System

Key Benefits of using ELe(tric)Radiant Heating Systems:

✓ Up to 50% less energy used than Gas or Oil-fired boilers – 10-15% energy cost reduction.
✓ Very simple installation – plug & play heating with no pipes or water.
✓ £0 Zero maintenance or ongoing servicing/checks requiring property access.
✓ Can be powered directly by Solar panels, by the electricity Grid or both.
✓ Package: DC (48V) newbuild or AC (230V) for retrofit.
✓ 15-20% energy savings using our DC panel compared to other AC Infrared panels.
✓ Wall or Ceiling Mounted – horizontal or vertical.
✓ ELe’s heating panels are controlled locally via the Intelligent Thermostats and or over the internet with ELe’s smartphone app or browser for further energy savings.  * One thermostat per house, per floor or room-based controls.
✓ All thermostats can be managed via the smartphone apps or a management console which delivers additional business intelligence for Landlords or Housing Associations.

Modular Meeting POD fitted out with Low Voltage Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting & Charging system
Richmond Residential Housing Solar Panel System on Roof

Package 3: Solar PV ELe(tric)™ Hot Water System

Key Benefits of ELe’s Solar PV ELe(tric)Hot Water Systems:

✓ Simple ELe(ctric)™ hot water solution from Solar PV panels – cheaper than solar thermal and no ongoing maintenance.
✓ This system can deliver approx. £200-250 p.a. free hot water for the house occupier at today’s electricity rates.
✓ Can utilise any existing, standard or preferred off-the-shelf cylinder or thermal buffer cylinder.
✓ Direct current from the solar panels is transferred directly to the immersion element and immediately converted into heat without loss.
✓ No electricity export possibility (off-grid operation) so NO grid / network (DNO) permission required.
✓ For commissioning the grid backup function, the immersion is easily connected to a fused spur or to a mains socket. There is no feed-in into the grid, so it does not need a metering point like a grid-connected PV system.
✓ Cheapest energy storage solution possible – much more viable than battery storage packs.

Package: 4 Renewable Energy Generation and Battery Pack

Key Benefits of ELe’s Renewable Energy Generation and Battery Packs:

✓ Scheduled charging from the grid or system operated depending on weather / usage.
✓ Self-sufficiency and grid independence.
✓ Emergency charge function.
✓ AC back-up supply (15A).
✓ Scalable battery storage.
✓ Remote management.
✓ Can be installed in multiple packs to deliver larger storage options → 30kWh
✓ Can be set up as a DC Microgrid or Grid connected into the AC mains with a DC/AC inverter.
Solar PV Panels – Semi-Flexible or Fixed Frame – 100% recyclable.

Glamping Hut with Off-Grid Leisure Kit, Solar PV Power
ELe SMART House Monitoring and Control App

Package 5: House Occupier & Landlord Monitoring Data Pack

Key Benefits of ELe’s Online and APP Based Monitoring and Intelligent Control System:

✓ Real-time and historical data analysis of all monitored functions.
✓ Remote control of devices.
✓ Temperature and Humidity monitoring.
✓ Monitor energy and property habitation behaviour patterns.
✓ Alerts via email or SMS based on pre-defined criteria for any of the above.
✓ Open ELe® API to interface with 3rd party systems like grid aggregation systems to able to turn on/off demand (loads) < 1s
✓ Reduced Tenants Energy Bills & Carbon emissions as the system learns and optimises the house controls.
✓ Reduced Fuel poverty by reducing bills and alerting to properties not being heated/ventilated properly.
✓ Strategic asset management to identify problem properties with humidity & potential mould issues, saving on future maintenance.
✓ Remote monitoring of ventilation equipment with automatic alerts on failure/issues.
✓ Reduce disrepair claims with preventative maintenance and property performance reporting.

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