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Retrofit SMART Hut – Powered by Off-Grid Leisure Kit 

Off-Grid Singular Pod

A smaller scale install we were delighted to perform, was on a garden-based leisure pod, grounded residentially on a site near the charming town of Kirkby Lonsdale. The scenic surrounds of Cumbria make for the ideal rural escape – and an even better location for your very own isolated, self-sufficient pod.

Our client wanted to be able to make the most of his rural land, using a leisure pod to create a home away from home. He wanted to do this without the hassle of having to re-turf or restructure his existing landscape, to accommodate for underfloor cabling, or pay to connect his pod to costly grid power.

On this single install, we used a full spectrum of ELe products to create a SMART glamping style Eco off-grid kit . We provided LED Lighting controlled via Alexa so that the client could use voice control to access his tech easily.

We also implemented the ELe ‘wireless switching’ to the Retrofit SMART Hut Off-Grid which uses a remote style light switch that works through the power of touch motion. The switch is virtually wire-free can be placed anywhere in the pod. Other devices such as fridge freezing, Bluetooth sound systems (that work with voice control), TV, USB device charging and battery storage were also fitted.

One key feature of this pod was our innovative Solar Panel power systems, which work with a remote switching back-up LPG generator. Flexi Solar Panels were used as an ideal alternative for renewable power, but more importantly they were an eco solution that fit the unique design of this structure.

The ‘flexi’ element allowed for our technicians to be able to mould the panels to the curvature of the pod roof, making for a sleek yet effective design. The client therefore did not have to compromise on aesthetics here, as the appearance of his pod would have been changed with off-standing fixtures to accommodate for flat solar panels. The Solar will provide the energy needed to charge the ELe batteries, making the Retrofit SMART Hut Off-Grid extremely energy efficient and reducing electricity bills and connection requirements dramatically.

The Results

Not only is the appearance of the Retrofit SMART Hut Off-Grid warm and inviting, but the ability to place an off-grid Pod with zero energy bills is even more appealing to land owners, with remote locations, without power or reliable access to the mains grid.

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