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Off-Grid Power Solution for Leisure Pods

Customer: PlusPods®

Location:   Carnforth, Lancashire

Sector:       Manufacturer of Modular Timber Pods

Plus Pods

PlusPods® Case Study Off-grid Power Solutions for Leisure Pods


PlusPods® in Carnforth, Lancashire a leading manufacturer of modular timber pods were looking for an alternative renewable power solution for their sophisticated off-grid holiday park, in order to become more energy efficient, reduce energy costs and consumption whilst still being able to function effectively off-grid.

Our Approach:

ELe® were tremendously excited to collaborate with PlusPods® and proposed a sustainable energy solution that would accommodate holiday guests in all aspects of their leisure experience.

The off-grid solution provided lighting, heating and power to each deluxe off-grid leisure pod at a substantially lower cost, and a considerably greener rate than other hotels or leisure accommodation facilities that run off mains electricity.

The Solution:

Extreme Low Energy Ltd (ELe®) is an expert in renewable technology and proposed the installation of patented low voltage products into the self-contained pods, specifically designed for facilities with limited or zero access to grid connection.

ELe® installed a range of sustainable products including LED Lights powered by a mere two Ethernet cables. Wireless (Kinetic Pulse) LED Light Switches and SMART Controlled Voice Operation (Alexa), Ethernet Powered USB Charging points, Heat and Smoke Alarms, Bathroom Ventilation and External Lighting. Power was provided by a state-of-the-art renewable solar energy system 16x100watt flexi solar panels (fitted to the curvature of any pod design) with the back-up of a bio-gas generator.

The self-contained pods are equipped with the highest standard of renewable energy products, en-suite bathrooms, kitchenette with fridge-freezer and your very own crackling wood burning stove.

Key benefits: PlusPods® found many benefits of the new ELe® system including saving money and build time around installation and labour, as electricians are not required to install the ELe® system.  They also loved that they don’t have to turn away customers due to having no or limited power on site. The SMART App monitoring and control system makes this the perfect intelligent off-grid power solution.

“Our amazing facilities have been specifically designed so guests can experience an eco-friendlier holiday escapism. We have been able to widen our client base dramatically after using Extreme Low Energy’s off-grid power solutions. Before ELe® around 10% of our potential customers were unable to continue with their pod purchase because they had no access to power from mains/grid connection. Now, clients have been able to purchase one of our PlusPods® all thanks to ELe’s energy saving Solar and Battery power systems.”

Customer Outcome:

A loyal PlusPod® customer was highly satisfied with his installation, after it was first thought he would be unable to buy one due to the remote location, which had virtually zero access to grid power.

“We are delighted that we were able to finalise our purchase of a PlusPod® now that each one has full access to self-sufficient power systems. Our initial plans to connect the pod to grid power would have required a large amount of costly labour to install masses of underground cabling, which in turn would have ruined the landscape of our plot and our wallet.”


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