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Energy Monitoring & Control

ELe has developed an Online and app based monitoring solution to provide full visualisation of energy flows within the projects and also additional control elements ensuring customers can deliver the maximum value from the ELe solutions;

The app and online monitoring is cable of;

  • Real-time & historical data analysis of Grid, Solar, Battery and Generator energy usage 
  • Temperature & Humidity monitoring 
  • Remote control of battery charging, hot water and heating devices 
  • Ability to monitor energy behaviour patterns
  • Ability to monitor down to individual device levels such as showing that LED lights (incl emergency), smoke alarms and ventilation fans are working correctly. 
  • Ability to monitor property habitation – over/under occupancy
  • Alerts via email based on pre-defined criteria for any of the above

The ELe app is available on the apple devices via the appstore, android devices on their playstore and also via the web at https://extremelowenergy.com/ele-web 

Find out more, call us today on: +44 (0) 1695 731942 or email: sales@extremelowenergy.com

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