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ELe SMART House Monitoring and Control App

SMART Energy App

ELe® has developed a Mobile App & Online based monitoring solution to provide full visualisation of energy flows within your project.

This application also adds fundamental control elements, so you can alter each device right from your mobile app, a feature we were keen to explore to ensure that customers can access the maximum value from ELe® solutions.


The ELe® remote monitoring and intelligent control systems is used for:

✓ Temperature & humidity monitoring.

✓ Remote control of battery charging, hot water and heating devices.

✓ Real-time & historical data analysis of Grid, Solar, Battery and Generator energy usage.

✓ Ability to monitor energy behaviour patterns.

✓ Ability to monitor down to individual device levels such as showing that LED lights (including emergency), smoke alarms and ventilation fans are working correctly.

✓ Ability to monitor property habitation – over/under occupancy

✓ Alerts via email based on pre-defined criteria for any of the above.


The ELe® app is available on all Apple devices and can be found via the App Store, or via Android devices on Play Store.

We are also available on the web at:


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