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Who We Are…

Established in 2014, Extreme Low Energy Ltd (ELe®) is a UK multi-award winning low energy product specialist covering Lighting, Electric Heating and Renewable Power across a wide variety of markets, including commercial and industrial, leisure and off-grid, education, housing and horticultural.

We have formed key global relationships with leading organisations enabling us to offer our customers holistic low and green energy lighting, heating and power solutions and are the UK’s specialist Low Energy Solutions Partner.

Headquartered in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, ELe® is appointed by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting UK) as their Value-Added Partner for the Northwest as well and key partner status with Thorn, Tridonic and other major manufacturers.

We have also been appointed by Electricity Northwest as their ‘behind-the-meter’ energy efficiency partner helping their customers reduce energy and carbon.

ELe® is backed and invested in by the Northern Powerhouse Investment fund (NPIF) and Maven Venture Capital and in 2020 was selected by Innovate UK for its much-coveted Scale-up programme.

We pride ourselves in designing and delivering the most energy-efficient ultra-low energy building and housing solutions helping the UK transition to a net-zero carbon environment.


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Benefits of Working With Us…

✓ You’ll find our client focused approach refreshing.

✓ We are experts in low voltage technology – from LED Lighting, Solar PV, ethernet powered computer suites to Off-Grid Leisure Kits.

✓ If the solution to your problem doesn’t exist we have the engineering and electronics expertise to work with you to create the solution.

✓ We’ve got a knowledge sharing culture and huge low voltage knowledge pool, meaning highly efficient and high quality solutions.

✓ We’re professional and easy to work with.

✓ We’re in it for the long term – sustainable growth is our goal not short term revenue.

✓ We’ve got a great team of engineers and a thriving workplace.

✓ We have exciting cutting-edge technology, not just from our own company but worldwide industry leading technical partners.

✓ We have patented technology that is designed around our customers.

✓ Robust, tried and tested solutions demonstrated across multiple sectors.

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