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Coronavirus Statement




In light of the continuing threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to our people and business continuity, Extreme Low Energy Ltd / ELe® are taking measures to mitigate the impact of the virus on our employees, visitors and customers.

The following statement outlines the current situation with regard to the safeguarding of our employees and visitors to our company, and the situation with regard to the continuity of the supply of products to our customers. This statement will be updated in line with expert advice from government and the health authorities as the situation with the virus unfold over the coming weeks.



We have ensured than none of our employees have recently travelled to any of the destinations identified as high-risk by the World Health Organisation (WHO). We have taken steps to allow employees to work from home and implemented segregation of employees where practical within our working environment.



Access to our facility is now restricted for any visitors, e.g. suppliers, customers, etc. to prevent spread of the virus. For any deliveries and collections, these will have to follow the guidance provided at the point of entry to the site.



Extra cleaning of specified surfaces is being carried out and employees and visitors are being asked to follow hand washing guidelines set out by the health authorities and the government. Shaking of hands is discouraged. Visitors to the company will be asked to wash / sanitise their hands on entering the building.


Mark Buchanan, CEO

On Behalf of Extreme Low Energy Ltd / ELe®

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