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Horticulture Solutions

Simplifying the horticulture market with Low Voltage Solutions. The big problem with lit-crops and vertical farming is how to remove the heat generated by the LED lights and the energy costs of running the LED lights and cooling units to remove the heat.

By Removing the AC/DC drivers and running the LED Lights directly on the ELe 48V DC strings improved the energy efficiency & doesn’t generate the same heat levels as alternate solutions – bringing down energy costs and Carbon footprints”

Growing plants in the UK under LED lights is a rapidly expanding market. Applications include lit crop glasshouses for all year round tomato growing and multi-tiered indoor farms for microgreens, lettuce and herb production. This sector faces rapid growth but at the same time rapidly increasing energy & carbon footprints to deliver the grow units. ELe technology has the potential to reduce energy demand in the lit-crop units by approximately 45-50%

Lit crop solutions available today recognise the value in Blue and Red light spectrums in the growing cycle, but they generally provide a mixed blue and red light bar with a simple on/off switch. The ELe system has the ability to control the mix & intensity of blue, red and far red LED lights independently of each other improving growing cycles and crop yields.

The ELe technology model not only reduces running costs but also cost of energy generation as these installations can be electricity demand limited and tend to install and run their own power plant.

Our Horticulture or lit-crop vertical farming offer is Low Energy and High efficiency LED Light solutions for lit-crop vertical farming. Controllable low voltage LED lights (Red/Blue/Far Red) enabling faster, more efficient growing with less heat – with the combined ability to incorporate Solar power and battery technology.


Horticulture Projects


Plantraisers Ltd

40′ Growing container purpose built with the ELe lighting & Power system – along with Solar & Battery power.

Plantraisers Ltd

Small portable grow-pods capbable of being powered with solar panels.

GrowingBetter – urban farming social enterprise

Together we helped develop an innovative low energy hydroponic vertical farming solution that can scale from a restaurant kitchen to a warehouse.

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