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Off-Grid Power Solution for Shepherd Huts

Customer:  Riverside Shepherd Huts 

Location:    Hanbury, Worcestershire  

Sector:         Manufacturer of Bespoke Shepherd Huts 

Riverside Shepherd Hut Off-Grid System

PlusPods® Case Study Off-grid Power Solutions for Leisure Pods


Riverside Shepherd Huts in Hanbury, Worcestershire a leading manufacturer of bespoke shepherd huts were looking for an alternative power solution for their customers, to allow them to site their Shepherd Huts in their dream locations.


Our Approach:

ELe® were tremendously excited to collaborate with Riverside Shepherd Huts.  We proposed a sustainable energy solution that would accommodate their customers requests for a remote leisure experience.

The off-grid solution provided power to lighting, heating and power to each luxury off-grid leisure hut, this provided a considerably greener leisure site that runs off-grid.


The Solution:

Extreme Low Energy Ltd (ELe®) is an expert in renewable technology and proposed the installation of low voltage products into the self-contained huts, specifically designed for facilities with limited or zero access to grid connection.

ELe® installed a range of sustainable products including power which was provided by a state-of-the-art renewable solar energy system 8kw of battery storage, 2kw fully black ground mount solar panels, a total of 3kw of power output supplying power to the Shepherd Huts appliances such as heating, lighting, traditional 3 pin sockets allowing the customer to use a range of off-the shelf appliances.

The self-contained huts are equipped with the highest standard of renewable energy products, all controlled and monitored via a SMART touch controller.


Customer Outcome:

A loyal Riverside Shepherd Huts customer, Bill Rowlatt was highly satisfied with his installation, after it was first thought he would be unable to buy one due to the remote location, which had zero access to grid power.

“My Shepherd’s hut was a bespoke design and ordered through Riverside Shepherd’s Huts of Hanbury in Worcestershire, who hold an excellent reputation for high quality, reliability and workmanship. The hut was to be placed on my own land at a rural location of North Herefordshire, but I soon found out that the costs of a connection to the national grid was a very expensive option.

ELe®, Extreme Low Energy Ltd., came and installed their solar powered energy system, which I am highly impressed with. Six interlinked solar ground mounted panels were neatly connected together and now supply all of the electricity I need from 3 kw battery storage with 3 kw of power output.

The installation inside too, was completed neatly and efficiently and the first thing I did was to turn on all the lights and boil a kettle! The engineers who came and fitted the system were extremely polite, helpful and I couldn’t have wished for anything better. Very highly recommended.”


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