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Commercial and industrial lighting is a key driver to help businesses reduce their operations and maintenance costs by up to 80%, it therefore needs to be tailored to each individual workspace including uniformity and colour rendering index (CRI). Every space should be customised with the appropriate LED lighting technology from warehouses, offices, reception areas and corridors. Further reduce your costs by generating your own power from photovoltaic solar panels.

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Commercial LED Lighting Project

LED Lighting Solutions from ELe®

ELe® a UK multi-award winning specialist manufacturer of patented low voltage infrastructure and the official North West Signify Value Added Partner (formerly Philips Lighting), have been providing commercial and industrial organisations across the UK with energy efficient LED solutions to transform them into lower-cost and eco-friendly spaces.

Reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions while also making an important contribution to workplace wellbeing is a high priority for any organisation. ELe® works alongside their clients to deliver bespoke SMART lighting solutions including consultation, lighting design, project management and installation. All their energy-efficient projects are consistently delivered on time and meet client ROI expectations.

ELe® are also able to offer finance on many projects for example Salix Finance for the installation of energy-efficient technologies in schools, where the savings made can pay for the cost to implement. So there is no better time to talk to us and book your free no-obligation site survey to find the right solution for you.

Our World is Changing

In the age of IoT and a world full of automation, increasing technologies and demand for connectivity, it’s time to recognise our world is changing and commercial and industrial organisations are facing increasing challenges.

Population growth and urbanisation, alternative renewable energy sources such as solar power, and limited fossil fuels have increased the demand for more energy-efficient and more connected lighting technology.

LED lighting can have an enormous impact on your bottom line, reducing operational costs through reduced downtime and lower energy consumption, keeping your employees safer and improving productivity.

Do you want to be more energy efficient and reduce operational costs Contact ELe® today to discuss your LED lighting upgrade.

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Millfield School LED Lighting Upgrade

Benefits of LED Lighting

Reduce your energy bills and save you money.
Reduce your CO2 emissions.
Become more energy efficient and improve productivity.
LED lighting has a positive effect on your employees wellbeing.
Boost your green credentials
✓ Mitigate climate change.
Combined with Solar PV, LED lighting  will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and overall running costs.
LED lighting is a great future investment to future-proof your business.

LED Circadian Rhythm Lighting

LED Circadian rhythm lighting supports human biological cycles the same way as natural light.  It’s proven to make people happier, improve productivity and general health and wellbeing, other benefits include:

✓ Helps restore normal sleep patterns – LED circadian rhythm lighting assists in the release of melatonin and dopamine in the evening to make a person tired at night.

✓ Improves mood, alertness and productivity – by simulating the healthy outdoor environment, the release of cortisol enables a person to be more alert in the morning.

✓ Saves money and the environment – LED lighting reduces electricity consumption of lighting by up to 80% and reduces maintenance costs.

✓ Energy-efficient technology with fully automated control systems – no  manual adjustment to lighting to provide circadian rhythm benefits, uses wireless control systems.

✓ Promotes calmness and improves attention rates – motivates and enhances concentration and learning ability, improves alertness and cognition.

LED Circadian Rhythm Lighting

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Would You Like a FREE LED Lighting Survey?

ELe® offer a completely free, no obligation survey on all of your sites.  Your account manager will survey your premises and provide you with a complete project analysis.

We can also identify possible sources of grants/finance options available to help fund your new LED lighting system.

All ELe® LED schemes are fully ECA compliant, allowing a 20% cost reclaim via HMRC.

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