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Low Energy LED Lighting & Controls

Customer:               BOBST

Location:                 Heywood, Manchester

Sector:                      Manufacturing

Project Partners:   Electricity North West, Signify UK


BOBST is one of the world’s leading suppliers of substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated industries. Bobst naturally operate from large (high ceiling) manufacturing facilities and wanted a solution to reduce their warehouse energy costs and CO2 emissions while also making an important contribution to workplace wellbeing.

Our Approach:

BOBST is an existing customer of Electricity Northwest Construction & Maintenance for transformer and grid related services and approached them for advice on energy and carbon reductions.

Extreme Low Energy Ltd (ELe®) is appointed by Electricity Northwest C&M as its specialist Low Energy Lighting partner in order to help their customers reduce electricity usage and carbon emissions with low energy solutions (in front of the meter). ELe® worked with the ENW team to assess the current usage and propose a solution that met the customers’ needs.

ELe® is also the Northwest Signify Value Added Partner (formerly Philips Lighting) and is expert in energy efficient, smart warehouse lighting which could deliver exactly what the Bobst team were looking for:- a solution that would remove expensive lighting maintenance and operating costs due to high ceilings, and an integrated control system to be able to dim LED fittings and have presence detection.

The Solution:

ELe® carried out on-site lighting surveys and proposed to upgrade all of the existing warehouse lighting to the GentleSpace LED fittings from their Philips GreenWarehouse range which included automated and wirelessly controlled LED lighting technology. Installation of the new lighting system was carried out by ELe® during business hours without interrupting the warehouse work.

Key benefits include no further installation needed because of the reuse of the existing cable installation and wireless sensors, adaptable and flexible. Each zone could be configured into different modes for specific behaviour reactions and individual requirements of employees. Lights dim to 10% when no presence is detected and less maintenance costs because of the long 20 year lifetime.

All ELe® LED schemes are fully ECA compliant which also allowed for a 20% cost reclaim via HMRC.

Customer Outcome:

Thomas McComb, Director for BOBST said: “The GreenWarehouse solution provided by ELe® and ENW C&M is outstanding, the quality of the lighting is exceptional and the installation was conducted professionally and did not disrupt our workforce at all.

This project has provided BOBST with a future proof warehouse with the lowest lighting operating and maintenance costs. We have achieved our goals in terms of energy saving and carbon reduction and just as importantly created an environment that protects our workers health and wellbeing and are now looking to upgrade all the offices now with ENW C&M and ELe®.”

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