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Leisure & Off-Grid Power Solutions

Simplifying the modern leisure market with Low Voltage Off-Grid Solutions.

Plug & Play ‘Power Over Ethernet’ Lighting, Safety and Property monitoring packages powered by Solar/Battery packs, backed by the Grid if available.

Improving energy efficiency by reducing the energy wasted in electric devices – brings down energy bills and Carbon footprints”

The Glamping Pod is powered by ELe’s SMART DC system which harnesses the sun’s energy.  ELe’s micro-grid allows USB charging, lighting, heating and music as well as other luxuries in an otherwise off-grid location.

“Simple plug & play ‘power-over-ethernet’ technology enables ICT installers to remove the need for electricians, which improves install time & costs”

And to ICT Operators & Users the ELe® solution delivers much more than just energy savings & a simple speedy installation…

“Simplified & reduced ongoing maintenance and the ability to design out systems that require restrictive mains cabling & portable appliance safety tests (PAT)”





New Eco Off-Grid Leisure Kits

ELe® is pleased to announce the launch of their new range of Eco Off-Grid Leisure Kits: Spruce Kit, Willow Kit and Oak Kit.

No Mains, No Grid Connection, No Problem – Off-Grid power and living just got easier with the new range of Eco Off-Grid Leisure Kits powered by ELe® technology, providing lighting, heating and power in remote locations. Key features include solar and battery power, USB charging ports, internal and external lighting including wireless switches and Alexa voice control making this kit the complete solution for anyone with limited access to mains power and wanting luxury living the off-grid dream.

Our new range of off-grid leisure kits are high-quality innovative products, combined with simple plug and play technology for easy installation. SMART controls and monitoring with no costly grid connections makes this kit the perfect solution for glamping pods and other remote / rural location applications.  Retrofit Kits are also available, please ask for details.




Leisure & Off-Grid Projects


Riverside Shepherd Huts –

ELe® installed a range of sustainable products including power which was provided by a state-of-the-art renewable solar energy system 8kw of battery storage, 2kw fully black ground mount solar panels, a total of 3kw of power output supplying power to the Shepherd Huts appliances such as heating, lighting, traditional 3 pin sockets allowing the customer to use a range of off-the shelf appliances in their hut manufactured by Riverside Shepherd Huts.


Riverside Shepherd Hut Off-Grid System

Remote Power Solution for COVID-19 Mobile Testing Laboratories –

Supporting the fight against COVID-19 working with our amazing partner Circular 1 Health who provide organisations with a fully managed COVID-19 test service, from test provision, data management to PHE reporting. See the latest mobile testing labs which we built from converted shipping containers in 4 weeks, which are all fully powered by ELe® technology.





Retrofit SMART Hut

Installed ELe® products to create a SMART glamping style project, provided LED Lighting controlled via Alexa, ELe® ‘wireless switching’ and a Flexi Solar Panel power system.


PlusPods® Carnforth –

Installed a full spec of our sustainable products including, Wireless LED Light Switches powered by a mere two Ethernet cables, SMART Controlled Voice Operation and a Flexi Solar Panel power system.

Lune Valley Leisure Pods –

Installed patented ELe® technology products, that were capable of giving hybrid on/off-grid solutions using battery storage and monitoring software and 800watt Flexi Solar Panels.




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