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Energy Efficient (all-electric) Housing

Through making your houses / homes energy efficient design and reducing the energy we waste, there’s no need to generate or import as much in the first place.

Improving energy efficiency by reducing the energy wasted in electric devices – brings down energy bills and Carbon footprints”

Although to house builders the ELe® low voltage solution delivers much more than just energy savings… The use of M&E Plug & Play technology reduces installation labour by up to 40% with a total installed system cost savings of up to 20%

“Simple plug & play M&E technology reduces the need for highly skilled and short-of-supply trades which improves build time & costs”

And to property owners & landlords the ELe® solution delivers much more than just energy savings & a simple speedy installation…Through reducing the maintenance and annual visits makes the property yield much more profitable.

“ELe offer end-to-end simplified & reduced out systems that require NO annual visits for maintenance”

Our Housing Offer is a Plug & Play electrical solution for new-build/retrofit housing covering LED Lighting, 48V Radiant Heating panels and 48V Hot water heating. ‘Power Over Ethernet’ (PoE) Landlord Lighting, Safety and Property monitoring packages. For more Technical details see our Low Voltage House Kits page. Another good read is the Energy Saving Trust’s page on energy efficiency

Recent Housing Projects

Halton Housing

4 x 3bed houses fitted out with Low Voltage Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting & Charging system

halton housing energy efficient smart homes

Richmond Housing

1 x Modular 1bed house fitted out with PoE Lighting & charging, solar power directly into battery packs

Homegroup – (Innovation Village)

2 x 3 bed houses fitted out with PoE lighting & charging, Solar power direct into battery packs

Homegroup energy efficient low voltage smart homes

Walsall Housing Group

1 x 3 bed house fitted out with PoE lighting, charging and Ventilation (Landlord damp/mould prevention)

WHG Demo AMC low voltage smart home

Halton Housing

1 x Modular Meeting POD fitted out with Low Voltage Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting & Charging system

For a survey or to find out more about our Low Voltage all-electric house systems, call us today on: +44 (0) 1695 731942 or email: sales@extremelowenergy.com

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