ELE is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of low energy infrastructures established in 2014 by Mark Buchanan, with an ambition to eliminate energy waste from the conversion process between AC (Alternative Current) and DC (Direct Current) power.

Most of the electronic devices we use daily, such as mobile phones and computers, now use DC power. However, our global grid infrastructure which is now extremely out-dated, is still using AC power. To convert AC power to DC power this means we need transformers, which can be highly inefficient and waste a large amount of electricity. ELe therefore created a DC power infrastructure allowing the DC power to be delivered directly via low voltage ethernet cables. The system also allows new forms of energy to be delivered directly to DC power, such as renewables fitted to offices or houses.

If you’re wanting to know more about energy wastage when converting AC/DC power, check out ELe’s video which can be found here.

ELe’s mission is a simple one: to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions, but also to deliver services and education to places with unreliable and non-existent power supplies. To fulfil their mission ELe have created a range of energy saving solutions, such as their low carbon and off-grid modular buildings. These ultra-low energy micro grids can be designed to suit a range of environments, a great example being this Solar Classroom installation in South Africa.

The company have already been recognised for their pioneering technologies and last year were awarded the international 2017 Energy Institute Innovation Award – for reducing energy consumption in schools, beating companies from the USA, Canada and beyond.

This innovative LCR based company are leading the way in efficient and sustainable energy management. If you would like to find out more about ELe, you can visit their website:, email:, or follow on Twitter: @ExtremeLowEnerg