Social Housing

Social Housing

Housing Associations must optimise the return on investment for affordable rented homes. Maximising profit justifies the building of as many affordable homes as possible

• Social housing has annual running and repairs costs of an average of £3,960 per property, according to data published by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

A large proportion is through labour costs.

Ongoing & increasing maintenance costs per property impact project life cycle costs.

social housing

• Removal of traditional electrical and gas based systems and replacing them with Low Voltage solutions means significantly reduced maintenance costs. For example, removing AC/DC drivers from LED light fittings means fewer maintenance visits, removal of gas boilers means safety visits & certification are reduced.
• Additionally, alarms can be set when heating, extraction fans & MVHR units are not operating to prevent damp issues.

Housing associations are facing increasing energy & maintenance costs in landlord managed areas such as security & safety systems, entrances, stairwells, external lighting and communal areas within larger complexes or assisted living environments.

ELe offers ‘value for money’ at build and maintenance stage for housing associations via reduced costs and maintenance and then ‘value for money’ for tenants.

“The ELe Simple plug & play M&E technology reduces the need for highly skilled and short-of-supply trades which improves build time & costs”

The use of M&E Plug&Play technology reduces installation labour by up to 40% with a total installed system cost savings of up to 20%

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