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Our unique technologies enable businesses to operate partially or fully off-grid, manage their power consumption and gain substantial savings in energy costs and carbon emissions.

Flexible solutions

Whatever your business type or current site requirements, ELe® power infrastructures can be configured to optimise power consumption.

Unstable Power Supplies – for sites experiencing frequent power outages and issues with load shedding, ELe® energy storage systems can help improve productivity by ensuring consistent and reliable energy provision. Find out more

Our innovative ultra-low energy power infrastructure can transform your businesses financial profile delivering game-changing savings in energy bills and carbon emissions.

Improving productivity and working environments

  • Where a business can take advantage of clean-energy generation, for example through solar or wind power, we can also work with you to install renewable power generation and storage systems that will enable you to maximise your energy reductions.

ELe® technologies are ideal for businesses committed to reducing their carbon footprint and improving their sustainability profile.

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