Low Energy Computing for BusinessELe®’s unique ultra-low energy power infrastructures can enable businesses manage their power consumption more effectively and gain substantial savings in energy costs and carbon emissions. For IT facilities, ELe®’s DC based Intel® powered computing solutions allow businesses to make these important savings without compromising digital performance.

For businesses with a heavy dependency on large banks of computers IT can account for a significant proportion of cost to the business. Our innovative ultra-low energy power infrastructures can transform your business’s financial profile delivering game-changing benefits including:

  • Computing with rapid log-on times and enhanced digital performance compared to standard PCs, improving call agent work capability and increasing productivity.
  • With no unnecessary power cabling and sockets, power is simply overlaid onto your existing Cat5E data network.
  • Workspaces are more streamlined and allow complete flexibility to reconfigure changing requirements.
  • With no moving parts in our equipment, failures are dramatically reduced providing a more robust and reliable computing system.
  • Ambient noise and heat generation are also minimised creating a more productive and comfortable work environment for employees.
  • ELe® systems are easily scalable and can be installed with minimal disruption and downtime to your business operations.
  • Where a business can take advantage of clean-energy generation, for example through solar or wind power, we can also work with you to install renewable power generation and storage systems that will enable you to maximise your energy reductions.

ELe® technologies are ideal for businesses committed to reducing their carbon footprint and improving their sustainability profile

Flexible solutions to meet your business’s requirements

Depending on your goals, site set up and budget, we can design a tailored technology solution that will deliver multiple benefits for your business. Some typical school solutions include:

  • Low Energy Computing Suite with Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) – A grid-connected solution that use ELe® Power Injector to power a suite of high performance, low energy NUC Intel® PCs and Monitors powered via your site’s existing Ethernet cabling.  An ELe® DC Powered Server (Intel Xeon E5) can also be installed to further optimise the energy savings that can be achieved.
  • Low Energy Computing Suite with PoE and Battery Power Storage – with the addition of an ELe® Energy POD you will be able to harness and store energy with the POD’s high performance lithium-ion battery and gain additional energy savings by leveraging beneficial off-peak energy tariffs. The ELe® Energy POD can also be used to replace inefficient UPS systems and back-up generators, and is easily scalable as additional units are required.
  •  Non-Computing Solutions – ELe®’s ultra low energy infrastructures can also be used in businesses to gain significant energy and carbon savings by powering a host of other DC devices including lighting, air-conditioning, refrigeration, tablet and phone charging.
  • Fully-Off Grid Solutions – for optimised energy and carbon savings, ELe® infrastructures can utilise renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.  ICT suites and other electrical devices fully powered with ELe®’s off-grid solutions can maximise energy cost savings and run completely carbon free.  This clean energy solution is ideal for businesses with strong sustainability goals or equally on sites with unstable or non-existent power supplies.  

Whatever your business type or current site requirements, ELe® power infrastructures can be configured to optimise power consumption.

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