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Building on his experience in computer engineering and renewable energy, Extreme Low Energy (ELe®) was established by Mark Buchanan in 2014.

Mark recognised that while our power supply is globally standardised on AC (Alternative Current) transmission, many of today’s everyday electrical products such as computers, air-conditioning and lighting run on DC (Direct Current) power and as a result, require bulky, inefficient, energy wasting transformers.

Identifying the potential energy and carbon savings that could be achieved by eliminating the wasteful AC/DC conversion process, Mark created a groundbreaking DC power infrastructure. In developing the system, he designed a method of distributing the DC power safely and efficiently through a building’s existing Ethernet cabling, cutting out the need for any additional cabling. He further developed and advanced lithium-ion battery storage and power distribution system to enable even greater energy savings to be achieved.

While the design and supply of DC storage and distribution is currently ELe®’s core business, Mark has since developed the system to operate with renewable energy sources. He has also designed specially adapted, high performance DC-based devices including computers, monitors, servers and lighting systems to create complete end-to-end capability.

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