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Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (SEELS)


Salix Finance provides funding for schools and colleges to reduce their energy costs through the installation of energy efficient technologies including LED lighting and solar power.


The SEELS programme is funded by the Department for Education, providing interest free loans to schools to switch to energy saving technologies without the need for up-front capital helping to lower energy costs, improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, reduce school’s carbon footprint creating a more comfortable learning environment for both staff and pupils.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce your energy bills.
  • Salix funds over 100 technologies that can help improve the learning environment for both staff and pupils.
  • No upfront cost – the interest-free loan is repaid with the predicted energy savings.
  • Salix has Secretary of State approval for all maintained schools and colleges to take up Salix loans – see Schemes for Financing Schools.
  • The repayments are recycled to fund further projects in the public sector.

Funding Criteria


The two main criteria for this fund are that;

  • The loan value must be repaid within an eight-year period. Projects exceeding this payback can be part-funded. 
  • The project must not exceed a maximum cost of £222 per tonne of carbon dioxide saved (calculated using a project compliance tool).

How Do I Apply?


At Extreme Low Energy, we guarantee to help by providing you with:

  • ELe® will carry out a FREE School Survey (adhering to Covid-19 hygiene & distancing measures) at no-obligation.
  • We’ll calculate the costs and all the savings for you to justify your purchase.
  • We’ll write and submit your Salix Finance application for your interest-free, Government funded loan, the payments for which will be covered by your reduction in energy costs.
  • ELe® will provide advice on alternative methods of funding if needed.
  • We’ll install your new LED lighting system during the school holidays to minimise disruption.

What’s Not To Like?


Give ELe® a call today on +44 (0) 1695 731 942 or simply fill in our Enquiry Form to arrange your FREE School Survey

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