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Here at ELe we are delighted to showcase our most recent project, having worked with Walsall Housing Group (WHG) one of the Midlands’ leading and most successful providers of high-quality homes and community service centres, on a low voltage, highly energy efficient installation of IT workstations located in their refurbished reception area, for complimentary use by WHG customers.

We have used our novel and patented end-to-end system to remove the traditional AC electrical infrastructure from their existing computers, to provide a more simplistic Direct Current technology, that delivers essential power from one single Ethernet cable, resulting in reduction of cost at specification stage, as well as a multitude of other benefits – as seen here by the visible depletion of wires, simplification and increase in work space.

Image credit: ELe

We installed new DC power LED screens and Intel NUC computers, so that each screen and its PC can each be run solely off our ELe system which uses one individual Ethernet cable. The original screens were redeployed to other areas in the offices, resulting in a noticeably tidier, more organised reception desk.

We were able to provide power monitoring data for each PC to show actual computer usage patterns and running costs, so that the company can keep a live track of all energy usage from a simple app downloaded to any mobile device. The exclusion of any sockets or wired plugs has removed all PAT testing in this area for these PC’s to be removed, as well as no floor boxes, no busbars, and arguably most important, no 18th edition electrician required to perform costly labour or maintenance. The project is now rolling out additional computers powered over Ethernet throughout the head office building and will be utilising IGel computers as well as Intel units.

In order to make this installation even more environmentally friendly, WHG plan to introduce renewable power at a later stage as the ELe equipment is delivered ‘solar-primed’, so that all PC’s in this area can be powered efficiently off free solar/low carbon energy. The financial savings made in terms of installation and running costs in this installation are important but the project also brings the additional benefits of future flexibility, carbon savings, increased safety and compliance.

Image Credit: Google Images – Walsall Housing Group
Image Credit: Google Images – Walsall Housing Group

Our partnership with Walsall Housing is also set to go beyond ICT installations. Leading the way with affordable housing, WHG have agreed to trial a new project with us, whereby an entire property will be fitted with the full range of our low voltage electrical systems, which includes LED lighting, kinetic powered switches, low voltage heating systems, security equipment and a vast array of electrical products powered by solar and battery operated technology.

WHG are passionate about their customers, and actively seek out new ways to deal with daily concerns, such as the growing environmental apprehensions that clients have about wanting live in a more efficient, renewable way;

“Since we were formed in 2003, we have invested over £400 million in our homes and have developed a range of services that go beyond our traditional role as a landlord”.

We are committed to capturing the passion from customers and colleagues to work together to transform the quality of life in our neighbourhoods, striving for excellence in all we do”.

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WHG have partnered with ELe on their most recent project in order to help transform the way residents use their energy at home, specifically choosing our systems so as they can manage and maintain a housing system whereby carbon emissions are being dramatically reduced from the very start of the construction planning stage.

Fay Shanahan (Corporate Director of Operations @ WHG) had this to say:

“We pride ourselves on being more than just a landlord, which is why we have taken the opportunity to pilot Ele; an exciting new and innovative solution that could save energy and reduce the running cost of our homes”.

“As part of our reception refurbishment at our Head Office in Hatherton Street, Walsall, we have installed the Ele system to support our new customer self-serve portals”. 

We have also installed Ele into our new Modern Method of Construction homes that we are currently developing, so that we can see the difference that this could make to our customers. We are an environmentally conscientious organisation and we aim to provide homes that are energy efficient and affordable to live in. Ele has the potential to really help us achieve this aim”.

Image Credit: Google Images – Walsall Housing Group

Please keep up to date with our blog posts to find out more about this upcoming development.

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