Vertical farming is the process of growing crops indoors on shelves in water (hydroponics), air (aeroponics) or in soil in controlled environments using energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

Vertical farming systems helps to maximise space for better performance, reducing both production costs and carbon emissions. Enabling a variety of markets to grow safe, healthy, and nutritious plants and food indoors using vertical structures in any given climate condition.

By using a soil free hydroponic system plant growth is optimised with an ultra-low energy DC 48 Volt LED lighting system which can be fine-tuned depending on crop stage while a state-of-the art climate control system makes it possible to change temperature, humidity, and air flow.

This clever innovative vertical farming technology improves crop growth, increases yield, reduces carbon emissions, and increases food security. The system manages power output and environmental parameters creating a stable and reliable growing environment all year round.

From LED Test Grow Laboratories using the lowest energy LED lit-crop solution available in the marketplace to ultra-low energy urban farms which are fully monitored and controlled, energy demand is reduced in the lit-crop units by approximately 45-50 percent.

Innovative vertical farming solutions provides growers assurance and repeatable programmable crop production all year round, a genius solution for horticulture and SMART farming.

Harvest times can also be successfully reduced, and production volume improved without having to compromising on quality or flavour which remains 100 percent consistent. There are many advantages of using vertical farming methods, the main benefits are listed below: –

Advantages of Vertical Farming:

1. Sustainable Growing

2. Ultra-Low Energy Technology

3. Maximise Space

4. Improve Crop Growth

5. Increase Yield

6. Reduce Carbon Emissions

7. Increase Food Security

8. Minimise Water Usage

9. Reduce Transport Costs

10. Low Labour Costs

Vertical Farming Technology:

Clever vertical farming technology can control the mix and intensity of blue, red, and far-red LED lights independently of each other which improves growing cycles and crop yields, a perfect system for multi-tiered indoor farms wanting to use the best cutting-edge technology available.

This clever low energy horticulture LED lighting system not only reduces running costs but also the cost of energy generation as these installations can be electricity demand limited and tend to install and run their own power plant. 

Lit-crop vertical farming solutions are energy-efficient with controllable low voltage LED lights (Red/Blue/Far Red) enabling faster, more efficient growing cycles improving crop yields, with less heat and with the combined ability to incorporate solar power and battery technology.

The system is managed via an Energy Monitor App, which provides energy and environmental data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help optimise the performance of the system, delivering a fully automated growing environment.

The system allows users to adjust light recipes based on the individual requirements of each plant, as well as the environmental conditions. This results in a bespoke growing environment, which maximises the output and quality of the crop, an amazing growing solution for modern agriculture.

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