Everything from VoIP phones to thin clients to LCD TVs can be powered with PoE. Just determine how much power your device will need, and chances are there is a PoE product available to integrate into your design.

Below is a chart of some of the PoE wattages offered by ELe and examples of some of the products you can power with them.

What Can I Power with PoE?

13W 30W 60W – now 100W – soon 200W – not far off!
IP Cameras
VoiP Phones
Wireless Access Point
Networked Audio
IP Telephones
WiMAX Access Points
PTZ Cameras
Remote Computer Terminals
Door Access Systems
Video Phones
Thin Clients
Digital Signage Displays
Point-of-Sale Systems
Computer Monitors
Larger TVs
Larger Displays
Larger Monitors


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