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  • Cost-efficiency– PoE eliminates the cost of hiring professional electrical installers.
  • Quick Deployment– PoE simply requires plugging in networking cabling to the proper equipment in order to function correctly.
  • Flexibility– Network administrators can deploy powered devices at nearly any location. Shielded cabling can be used for outdoor environments. Industrial-grade powered devices can be used for industrial environments.
  • Safety– Because PoE utilizes a relatively low voltage, it presents low risks of electrical hazards.
  • Reliability– PoE falls under IEEE’s strict 802.3 standard umbrage.
  • Scalability PoE makes it simple to add new equipment to a network.

The most common types of PoE utilisation include:

  • VoIP phones
  • IP cameras
  • Wireless Access Points

However, PoE can also power other devices including:

  • PoE lighting
  • ATM machines
  • IP Intercoms
  • Security Card Readers
  • IP Clocks
  • Vending Machines
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