The Salix Public Sector Decarbonisation Grant: The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched the Grant Scheme and Salix Finance are delivering it. The £1 billion of grant funding is available for decarbonising public sector buildings including schools, academies and trusts to help make them more energy-efficient and help reach the UKs carbon targets.

The PSDS scheme allows public building, schools, academies and trusts to apply for a grant to finance up to 100% of the costs of capital energy-saving projects that meet the scheme criteria.

St Peters School LED Lighting Upgrade

What projects can the salix public sector decarbonisation grant be used for?

LED Lighting
Solar PV
• Low Carbon Heating Technology
• Battery Storage
• Window Glazing
• Hand-Dryers
• Voltage Optimisation
• Metering

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for the grant?

• Does your building need an LED lighting upgrade?
• Do you want to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions?
• Do you want to become more energy-efficient and sustainable?
• Do you want to install renewable energy power technology?

Who can apply for the grant?

The following organisations in England can apply:
• Diocese’s, Academies, Multi-Academy Trusts
• Nursery schools maintained by a local authority
• Colleges
• NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts
• Council’s
• Non-departmental public bodies

How can ELe® help you?

If you are considering how to improve your energy efficiency or looking to save money on your energy bills, please get in touch with us today to discuss how ELe® can help you access this limited funding.

Our experienced team will carry out a no-obligation energy survey on your building, provide consultation and our team will even complete your funding application for you, as well as provide the installation of LED lighting, heating and solar PV power solutions.

We have already helped many organisations and schools apply for the grant and have been approved!

Applications are open, the deadline for Academies and Trusts is Monday 11 January 2021.

If you would like a more energy-efficient building and to find out exactly how much you could be saving on your energy bills and carbon emissions, simply fill in our enquiry form below and our ELe® team will be in touch to arrange your FREE Energy Survey.

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