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The ELe® Off-Grid Retrofit Kit 1

The ELe Off-Grid Retrofit Kit 1

The ELe® Off-Grid Retrofit Kit 1

No Mains, No Grid Connection, No Problem with the ELe® Off-Grid Retrofit Kit 1 powered by ELe® technology.

Off-Grid power and living just got easier with the ELe® Retrofit Kit, providing power in remote locations. Key features include 1.0 Kw solar, 3.0 kWh battery power backed by a remote switching generator, making this kit the complete solution for anyone with limited access to mains power and wanting luxury living the off-grid dream.

The Retrofit Kit is a high-quality innovative product, combined with simple plug and play technology for easy installation. Monitoring your pod with no costly grid connections makes this kit the perfect solution for glamping pods and other remote / rural location applications.

Benefits to You:

ELe® off-grid kit provides power in remote locations.

Simple plug and play technology for easy installation.

ELe® off-grid kit with monitoring.

Reduces the need for tradespeople, improving build  time and costs.

No digging or restructuring existing landscape, supporting planning applications.

No more costly grid connections, improves build time and reduces maintenance.

The ELe® off-grid kit enables more locations to site glamping pods.

Technical Information:

Standard Features:

Smart Controller

ELe® Smart Monitoring:

ELe® SMART App control monitoring for your Retrofit Kit



1 x 3.0 kWh AGM Super Cycle Battery



1.0 Kw Solar, including solar mounting system, generator, cables, fuses and breakers, complete cable kit


Inverter / Charger:

1600 VA inverter / charger to power your leisure pod, shepherd hut and wigwam

Back-Up Generator

Back-Up Generator:

1 x LPG Generator with remote switching

  • Please contact us for further details about our full range of ELe® Off-Grid Retrofit Kits available: Kit 1, Kit 2, Kit 3 and Kit 4.

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