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Education about renewable energy is becoming increasingly important in today’s environmentally conscious society, so we made sure that the ELe Solar Powered Computer systems are easy to understand in terms of how they work, and our our solar generation solution is presented as a simple, understandable process. 

ELe developed the simple plug & play Solar powered Intel computer – not as a teaching-aid, but firstly for an immediate solution for a set of off-grid, isolated schools in Africa and Pakistan, for headteachers that required computing systems to perform basic school administration functions such as; online registration of pupils, attendance, access to email/internet, and correspondence with the local authority. 

A UK education partner spotted the solar PC and realised UK Schools could use the Solar powered computer for Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics {STEM} teaching resources, as well as a plethora of other key benefits;

  • Engaging & dedicated teaching resources
  • Fully curricular based
  • Educating children in a fun and meaningful way

Ofsted have even commended the use of our NEW Solar Powered Computers for STEM teaching at St Elizabeth’s school in Litherland;

Ofsted and Southport Eco Centre were very impressed with our Solar PC. The children are very enthusiastic when talking about the computer and as a result are knowledgeableabout the benefits of using renewable energy.” – St Elizabeth’s school, Liverpool – 

The SolarPC can be easily charged from exposure to the sun, as clients would place the panel outside in direct sunlight, plug in, and simply watch the PC’s battery screen flash & percentage rise. Point the solar panel in different directions and see the difference in solar power generation!

The Solar Powered PC combines a smart battery pack with solar technology to provide a unique learning tool and computing solution, bringing renewable energy to life. 

ELe SolarPC Colour Upgrade

The SolarPC can also be purchased in Orange, Red, Green as well as black and can have a non-transparent lid or even ‘white-labelled’ for OEM product partners


  • Clear lid to enhance learning
  • Off-grid computing solution
  • Uses Intel NUC Computers
  • Off-grid computing solution
  • Runs from pure solar power
  • Easy to use Plug & Play technology
  • 3-pin power cables also supplied so can be run from the grid
ELe SolarPC full package

ELe has set up a partnership with Eco Heroes – to deliver an optional Teaching Package add-on;

  • Eco Teaching Resource Packs x 35
  • Eco Heroes Game access x 35
  • Access to future Eco Hero Game and 
    full curriculum based Teaching Resources

For more information or to purchase a SolarPC please contact us on 01695 731942 or email

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