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Ryecroft C.E. Middle School – Uttoxeter Learning Trust

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Sep 2018: Ryecroft C.E. Middle school was looking to convert a library area in their school to an ICT suite with 32 workstations so they approached their IT partner Link2ICT for potential solutions. 

The brief was for an energy efficient computer suite as the school is very conscious about the environment and energy costs and has worked hard to reduce their energy usage over the last few years. Link2ICT therefore recommended the ELe ‘Power over Ethernet’ ICT solution.

The technology solution:

Link2ICT installed 32 Intel i3 NUC computers & 19″ LED screens powered using the innovative ELe power over ethernet solution. Each computer and its screen are powered using a single ethernet cable, meaning as well as low energy costs also delivering tidier desks and no AC/240V/50Hz needed at the desks so is much safer for the children too.

Each new computer and LED screen runs at about 35W power usage in total – about 3pence per day to operate or less than a £pound a day for the whole ICT suite – 32 computers! 

The benefits of the ELe Computer suite are:

  • –> Approx 2 tonnes of CO2 saved per year
  • –> Reduced noise from the PC’s
  • –> Reduced heat generation and thus ambient cooling requirements
  • –> Enhanced green credentials
  • –> Removal 3 pin plugs, extension leads and cables (only 1 Ethernet cable)
  • –> Removal PAT testing requirements
  • –> Increased flexibility to relocate PC’s within classroom environment
  • –> Teaching aid to educate children regarding energy usage and reduction in the classroom.

The new computers are fantastic, they are so quiet and use such little energy it is exactly what we were looking for. I did not know you could power a computer and its screen with an ethernet cable like this! We look forward to installing more Intel NUC’s powered by ELe in the future – Sally Andrews / Ryecroft School 

ELe Intel NUC lid overview

The ELe®Energy Monitoring Package was also installed so that the school could see at any time the amount of energy required to run the ICT suite. As well as allowing the school to manage their energy bills more effectively, this also presented a fantastic teaching opportunity for the children.

Without the limitations on computers needing to be located near plug points, the teachers now have the flexibility to re- configure the room as requirements change. Furthermore all of the children have commented on the speed and responsiveness of the new PC’s.

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