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Solar Powered PC & Solar Panel


Our Unique 12V Solar Powered Computer

A SolarPC includes;

  • Intel Celeron 7th Gen (NUC7CJYH) PC (4GB Ram, 64GB SSD, Windows10), 19″ LED Screen, 40W plastic solar panel & 120W lithium-ion battery storage to provide a reliable, consistent power supply.NUC7CJYH product sheet
  • Inspire a green generation of Eco Heroes!

Product Description

Benefits for Schools

  • Engaging & dedicated teaching resourcesELe SolarPC clear lid
  • Fully curricular based
  • Solar powered computer great for Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics {STEM}
  • OFSTED commendation
  • Educate children in a fun and meaningful way
  • Actively inspire Eco Heroes at school!
  • Powered by the Sun!
  • Can be used in classrooms or outside
  • Great teaching aid for ICT and Science – comes with a clear lid to demonstrate internal components
  • Works just like any other computer
  • Praised by OFSTED for STEM and environmental credentials
  • Can also be powered by mains electricity

The batteries can be easily charged from the sun. Place the flexible plastic solar panel outside in direct sunlight, plug in and watch the battery screen flash and the percentage rise.


Solar powered PC

SolarPC and Solar Panel

  • SolarPC & 40W lightweight plastic ETFE solar panel
  • Intel NUC Celeron 7th Gen (NUC7CJYH), 4GB Ram, 64GB SSD -Windows 10 pre-loaded
  • 3-pin power adapter to operate the PC off mains power
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse


Also available in Red, Orange & Green – see upgrade option.


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