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PlusPods® Carnforth

PlusPods ®, a sophisticated off-grid holiday park located within close proximity to the picturesque landscape of the Lake District and mountainous Yorkshire Dales, equipped with an attractive selection of deluxe leisure pods, is one of our most luxurious installation projects to date.

ELe were tremendously excited to collaborate with Plus Pods ®, a leading business manufacturer in its field of Luxury Off-Grid accommodation. Our revolutionary, sustainable energy solutions have provided PlusPods ® with the ability to accommodate holiday guests in all aspects of their leisure experience, providing light, heat, and power to each cabin – at a substantially lower cost, and a considerably greener rate than other hotels or leisure accommodation that run off mains electricity.

To achieve this, ELe used our patented low voltage products, targeted specifically at facilities with very limited or zero access to grid connection. Our specification involved fitting PlusPods® self-contained cabin with a selection of patented ELe products, in order to reduce their energy cost, consumption and make the site a more renewable alternative that functions efficiently off grid.

We installed a full spec of our sustainable products including LED Lights – powered by a mere two Ethernet cables, rather than lights that require multiple wires per fixture – Wireless Light Switches & SMART Controlled Voice Operation, Ethernet Powered USB Charging points, Heat and Smoke Alarms, Bathroom Ventilation and External Lighting, all powered through our state-of-the-art Solar energy systems with the back-up of a bio-gas generator.

To compliment PlusPods ® luxurious and modern design, our specialists here at ELe decided to use our most contemporary product specifications, and went ahead with an install of Wireless LED Light Switching, that can be voice controlled with Smart Devices such as Alexa and Google Home.  

The self-contained cabins are equipped to the highest standard of renewable energy products, fitted and fully furnished with luxury bedding, en-suite bathrooms, kitchenette with fridge-freezer and your very own crackling wood burning stove, creating the ideal soothing environment to take a well-deserved break in the cool winter months. Two of the cabin pods feature their own hot tub as an added bonus, fully functioning with ELe’s off grid power solutions.

In particular, our Wireless (Kinetic Pulse) Light switches, which are powered through the physical motion of touch power, and our SMART Lighting systems (activated through Alexa) were key contemporary features that fit extremely well in PlusPods existing décor. The wireless element of our light switches makes the product highly unique in terms of design and operation. The exclusion of any wired plugs, sockets or in-wall cabling has enabled all PAT testing in this sector to be removed, as well completely cutting the need for a qualified electrician to perform costly labour, and resulting in achieving the most imperative goal of being powered totally off grid!

PlusPods ® found the benefits of our wireless, energy saving light switches to become a real unique selling point for their leisure complex, a renewable feature they take immense pride in;

“Our amazing facilities have been specifically designed so you can experience a more eco-friendly, isolated haven of holiday escapism. We have been able to widen our client base dramatically after using Extreme Low Energy’s off-grid power solutions, as before ELe, around 10% of our potential customers were unable to continue with purchase of a pod as they had no access to power from mains/grid connection. Now, clients are able to purchase one of our PlusPods® whether they have grid access or not, all thanks to ELe’s energy saving Solar and Battery power systems”.

This ELe package has focused mainly on renewable Solar for this project and will see our products sit alongside 16x100watt flexi solar panels (panels that can fit to the curvature of any pod’s design) on the roof of each cabin. The solar panels installed will provide the energy needed to charge our ELe batteries, when adequate sunlight/daylight is accessible enough. When minimum sunlight harvesting cannot be achieved, the solar panels will work alongside our sustainably sourced battery generator, making PlusPod’s extremely energy efficient and attainable, despite being based off-grid. This method of using ELe energy solutions will also help to reduce electricity bills and connection requirements dramatically.

A loyal PlusPods ® customer was highly satisfied with his installation, after it was first thought he would be unable to buy one due to the remote location he wanted to put it in, which had virtually zero access to grid power;

“We are delighted that we were able to finalise our purchase of a PlusPod ® – particularly now that each one has full access to self-sufficient power systems. Our initial plans to connect the pod to grid power would have required a large amount of costly labour, to install masses of underground cabling, which in turn would have ruined the landscape of our plot… and our wallet!”.

Our team here at ELe are very grateful to have worked with such a luxurious leisure facility, and hope to continue to do so on many other future projects, including an upcoming development of a further 8 PlusPod Cabins located at this beautiful site, so keep up to date with our online report movements to see more!

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