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Meet Our Team

Mark Buchanan – Founder & Technical Director 

Mark BuchananWith over 20 years of experience in technology professional services, Mark founded ELe® in 2014 with an ambition to eliminate energy wasted through the AC/DC conversion process.

Having developed a unique approach to distributing power and data through Ethernet cabling, Mark now works with our in house team and specialist manufacturing partners to further develop our disruptive technology portfolio and design customer focused solutions.

Mark says “being so passionate about what we do means I get to play all day developing technologies for a cause I truly believe in, I’m incredibly lucky”

Mark Buchanan


Caroline Clayton – HR & Operations Director 

Caroline ClaytonWith a background in business and strategic resource management, Caroline joined ELe® in August 2015 heading up the operational side of the business.

Coordinating our specialist manufacturing partners to ensure product quality remains high but our solution is commercially viable is paramount to ELe®’s success. Additionally, Caroline leads system and processes improvement alongside business planning and funding activities.

Caroline says “for me it’s a fantastic opportunity to put all the process and procedural foundations in place at an early stage to support ELe®’s rapid growth aspirations, it’s a fantastic challenge and I am incredibly excited about the future”

Peter Ormerod


Mark Frost – Chairman

Mark FrostWith his business partner of more than 25 years Mark established FN Solutions in 2013 with the aim of building a network of progressive businesses focused on efficient clean energy generation, storage and distribution. FN Solutions became a major shareholder in ELe® in 2015.

As chairman Mark takes an active role in the strategic direction of ELe® in addition to mentoring the leadership team, and providing technical and intellectual property expertise and guidance.

Mark says “ELe® deserves to be recognised for creating something that solves a problem most people would never have recognised”

Mark Frost

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