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Lune Valley Leisure Pods

Our Client’s Opportunity

Lune Valley Pods recently introduced their first off-grid leisure pod, aiming to ensure that their luxury pods meet all of their customer’s needs. To do this Lune Valley needed an off-grid pod, targeted at customers with expensive or limited grid connection. This is where ELe comes in, offering technology to provide an off grid solution with extremely low energy draws.


The Technology Solution

Lune Valley Pods implemented ELe into their 2018 show pod, with technology that will provide hybrid on/off-grid solutions using battery storage and ELe monitoring. The overall energy cost will be very low over 12 months with a possible rental of £120 a night. This has appealed to many of Lune Valley customers and has generated significant interest.

The Ele package will sit alongside 800watt flexi solar panels on the roof of the Lune Valley Pod, The Solar will provide the energy needed to charge the ELe batteries, making the Lune Valley pod extremely energy efficient and reducing electricity bills and connection requirements dramatically.

The Results

Not only is the appearance of the Lune Valley Pod warm and inviting, but the ability to place an off-grid Pod with zero energy bills is even more appealing to land owners with remote locations, without power or reliable access to the grid.

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