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To ICT providers, the ELe® Low Voltage solution delivers so much more than just energy savings… Simplistic technology introduced by ELe called ‘ Power-over-Ethernet’ – enables ICT installers to remove the need for multiple plugs, connecting wires, cables and AC power for Computer software, by instead replacing sockets and underfloor mains wiring with a single control box, and powering each computer with a single Ethernet Data Cable.

This system designed by ELe has removed the need for costly electricians or skilled computer technicians to perform manual labour, whereby they would normally install traditional computer hardware with at least two or more plugs to run efficiently (one for the LED Screen and one for the Desktop Computer box). Our patented Low Voltage technology, can run a full office-sized facility by powering each computer and it’s LED screen off a single Ethernet cable, overall improving install time, work space & cost.

Operators & Users of the ELe® solution find multiple benefits from a simple speedy installation… “Simplified & reduced ongoing maintenance and the ability to design out-systems that require restrictive mains cabling & portable appliance safety tests (PAT)”. Gone are the days where you’d need to set a reminder for your annual electrical maintenance visit, as our plug-free power solutions remove the chore of regular PAT testing, again saving clients time and money.

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