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Sustainable Low Energy Student Accommodation

Flexible Solutions for Student Accommodation

A typical student accommodation scheme requires multiple rooms based on a standardised/repeatable layout, the efficiencies provided by either traditional onsite or or modern offsite modular manufacturing are a perfect solution to deliver on these requirements.

ELE technology fits extremely well into the student accommodation construction market enabling developers to implement LED lighting and power solutions more cheaply and efficiently than a traditional AC twin&earth installation.

Please see the list below of power infrastructure outputs within a student accommodation project that can be directly powered via ELE power infrastructure.student accomodation lighting design layout

  1. LED Lighting and Controls
  2. Networking
  3. Device Charging (USB, USB C, PoE,)
  4. Building Controls
  5. MVHR
  6. Alarm
  7. Emergency Lighting
  8. Security
  9. Sensors

The use low power DC microgrids allows for simplified power infrastructure installations, using CAT6 ethernet cable to move power around buildings safely and efficiently. The benefits of this are that devices requiring DC power get the power they need.

If there are any renewable energy sources being supplied into the project, ELE battery storage can allow for increased client/operator margins. For operators charging fixed rate rent, the onus to reduce energy usage is high to retain profit. ELE technology, combined with renewables can achieve energy use reductions. It is also applicable when there are no renewables, as ELE batteries can charge overnight on off-peak tariffs.



ELe® DC micro-grid infrastructures are now enabling a new generation of ultra-low energy, low carbon modular buildings.

These new flexible building units offer functional, cost-effective, sustainable space solutions that are quick and efficient to install. They can be designed and configured to suit a whole range of living, social and working environments including:

  • student accommodation
  • social/affordable housing
  • classrooms
  • community facilities
  • eco-office spaces
  • senior living accommodation

Our self-powered modular buildings also present new opportunities for sites positioned in remote or off-grid locations.

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