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Low Energy Modular BuildingsELe® DC micro-grid infrastructures are now enabling a new generation of ultra-low energy, low carbon modular buildings.

These new flexible building units offer functional, cost-effective, sustainable space solutions that are quick and efficient to install. They can be designed and configured to suit a whole range of living, social and working environments including:

  • student accommodation
  • social/affordable housing
  • classrooms
  • community facilities
  • eco-office spaces
  • senior living accommodation

Our self-powered modular buildings also present new opportunities for sites positioned in remote or off-grid locations.

ELe Solar ClassroomELe® sustainable, micro-grid modular buildings

  • DC based power eliminates wasteful AC/DC conversion
  • ELe® micro-grids enable energy storage for optimal usage efficiency
  • Simple and quick ‘Plug and Play’ installation
  • Easy equipment maintenance and reduced facility management costs
  • Minimal, thin cabling requirements
  • Safer to use than a conventional AC electrical system
  • Power supply is continuous and reliable
  • DC based devices generate no excess heat
  • Environmental credentials are outstanding

Find out more about our Solar Classroom installation in Tembisa Township, South Africa

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