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ELe were very excited to work with local academic institution; Hoylake Primary School based on the Wirral, on an installation for sustainable computing.

With expansions, extensions and the option of adding space coming in at a costly price, Hoylake Holy Trinity were looking to enhance their existing ICT suite to create more desk space for its students. From the outset, the children’s comfort, happiness and academic achievement were a priority for the school, as they wanted the crowded environment to transform into a productive, thought-provoking space.

In replacing their existing technology, a key consideration for the teaching staff was the productivity of the children and the simplification of teaching techniques. This included addressing the excessive noise and heat that their computers were generating, as well improving the layout and use of space in the classroom.

The Technology Solution:
Having successfully addressed similar concerns at a number of other schools, the recommended computing solution was one that ELe®’s re-seller partner Hi-Impact recommended, and one that ELe®’s own team were confident would address the challenges the school was facing.

ELe’s innovative technology – the ‘NUC Monitor Power over Ethernet (PoE) System utilising ELe®’s Power Injector’ was recommended and installed to power the school’s desktop computing. This was achieved by using ELe patented solutions, which only requores one single Enthernet cable to power up each computer, a system that can also be used via its existing Ethernet cabling. This allowed staff at Hoylake Primary to remove all the old power cabling and streamline the desk spaces!

Sixteen brand new low energy, high performing ELe® NUC Intel® PC’s and ELe® lightweight monitors were then installed. With no moving parts, these advanced computers would run silently and without generating heat.



Hi-Impact were once again delighted with the ease of deployment and speed of the PC’s as they were able to image and fully install all the PC’s on site in one school day.

The ELe®Energy Monitoring Package was also installed so that the school could see at any time the amount of energy required to run the ICT suite. As well as allowing the school to manage their energy bills more effectively, this also presented a fantastic teaching opportunity for the children.

The Results 
Hoylake Holy Trinity ’s new computing technology is now delivering all of the performance capabilities of a standard PC, with half the energy and carbon consumption.

The main driver for the school however was always to create the best possible teaching environment so the children could receive an optimal learning experience. The ICT suite is now silent and no longer overheated by excessive wiring and outdated computer power systems. The desks are clear, with only the monitors left on display, whilst all cables and wiring are neat and tidily placed on a small NUC fixed to the back of each screen.

Without the limitation of computers needing to be located near plug points, the teachers now have the flexibility to re- configure the room as requirements change. Furthermore all of the children have commented on the speed and responsiveness of the new PC’s.


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