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Interesting Green ICT Information

Here are a few useful links to suggestions on how you might reduce your classroom ICT energy costs.
If you’ve got others, or your school has a great policy or ideas to share, please drop us a line by clicking here.

DfE Governance Handbook
This slightly out of date (2007) document from the old DfES has some very useful sustainability guidelines and links across a range of topics.
Sets out the top-level obligations for schools in terms of overall efficiency and value for money.

National College for School Leadership, Sustainable Development Action Plan

A very good (albeit now slightly old) document providing actionalbe insights into the leadership role of schools in establishing strong environmental cultures and understanding in students and the wider community.

For each of the organisations below, click on their logo to access the materials being summarised;

Wiltshire Council suggest replacing your PC’s with more energy efficient types, such as laptops, or considering alternatives such as thin clients.

Ele’s high efficiency computers use less energy than most laptops, whilst giving a full desktop experience to students. They have all the advantages of thin clients, but without any of the well known disadvantages.


Hampshire County Council have some great tips for energy saving, including advice on how and when to turn off equipment or use standby modes.

Ele’s computers offer all the power saving functionality that’s build into the latest Windows operating system, and it’s all-solid-state components mean rapid start-up from off or standby. So there’s no more loss or lesson time whilst waiting for the computer to boot up – you can get full benefit from the computers power saving features, with no compromises or impact on learning time. 

The increasing use of ICT is acknowledged as an areas of risk, both in the direct use of electricity to power the ICT itself, but also in lighting and cooling. Their recommendations include the suggestion to focus on procuring energy efficient ICT.

According to the Sustainable Schools Alliance, by 2020 the government recommends that all schools are models of energy efficiency, renewable energy and water  conservation, showcasing opportunities such as wind, solar and biomass energy, insulation, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling to everyone who uses the school.

The Peterborough Eco Framework Scheme provides a wide range of useful information. It includes a recommendation that each school should undertake an annual environmental progress review. You can access their checklist here and you’ll find that in the Zero Carbon section there’s useful information on reducing electricity consumption. Your Ele meter will help to understand the ICT component, providing data for baseline assessments and progress monitoring.

If you’ve got any great documents or links you’d like to share, please drop us a line by clicking here.
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