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Free Energy Meter for UK Schools & Academies

uk-schools-ict-carbon-outputWe estimate that there are at least 2.5 million PC’s in UK schools, burning over half a billion kWh of electricity and producing around 239 kilotonnes of CO2 per year.

That’s enough CO2 to fill a cube way bigger than the Eiffel Tower, every year!

Using ELe solutions this could be reduced by 70% or more. Schools with Economy7 overnight tariff can reduce costs by 85-90%, and schools with solar could run their ICT completely free!

There are lots of ways to reduce your classroom ICT energy costs and CO2 footprint. Something as simple as making sure that equipment is completely switched off when not in use could make a real difference in your school.

Get Your Free Energy Meter Sometimes though, things are a little more complicated. Maybe your policy is to leave your PC’s on overnight for upgrades, maybe your PC’s take so long to power-up that busy teachers prefer not to have the hassle of daily power up/down routines.

We want to give schools a free energy meter so they can check their actual classroom ICT energy usage. Based on the results, schools will have precise data about their actual energy and CO2 footprint, enabling evidence based action planning.

get-your-free-energy-meterThere are lots of energy efficiency options, and you’ll find some useful information here to get you started. The starting point though is a ‘baseline assessment’ of your existing classroom ICT.

The steps are simple:

Request your meter now, whilst it’s fresh in your mind!

If you need more information feel free to drop me a line.

Helen Robson – helen@extremelowenergy.com

School ICT Energy Research Assistant
Extreme Low Energy

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