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Extreme Low Energy are pleased to announce our exciting collaboration with Fleetwood Nautical College, on an energy efficient student accommodation installation delivering solar & battery powered LED lighting and electronics charging in their state-of-the-art facilities in Fleetwood.

ELe were very excited to collaborate with Fleetwood Nautical College, as they operate such a highly influential institution that offers first-class industry-accredited Maritime, Offshore Oil and Gas educational courses for professional development within their growing industries. Our alliance with FNC would see us use ELe patented low-voltage technology, to enhance their existing student accommodation facilities.

energy efficient student accommodation with Solar

At ELe we are able to offer a complete overhaul on how buildings and infrastructure run their power, using innovative energy sources that are much simpler in the way that they operate. Our complete end-to-end systems remove the traditional AC/DC conversion process, cutting overall energy costs, power wastage and carbon emissions.

At FNC , we have implemented a wide selection of cutting-edge energy products into a number of energy efficient student accommodation residential spaces, to provide Solar Power over Ethernet (PoE) LED lighting and energy saving charging points. Our specification involved fitting 33 student bedrooms with our kinetic pulse light switches, which are powered through physical touch, whereby pressing the switch creates enough energy to send a corresponding signal to a microchip implemented in the hardware, turning on the solar powered lights.

This vastly reduces the quantity of wiring required and is highly unique in terms of design, installation and operation. The PoE lighting & power equipment completely removes the need for an 18th edition electrician to install and maintain the equipment, therefore removing high labour costs.

As our ELe Light switches are virtually wire-free, a key advantage is that the product can be placed in a number of positions, either in a higher or lower spot on the wall depending on the requirement of the person using it. For example a lower positioned switch for those who may be elderly, less agile or even immobile. Clients can even choose to locate their switch ‘off the wall’ due to the fact it requires no restrictive cabling that is plastered into the foundations of the building. This means that our light switches can be used as a remote device, be placed on a tabletop surface or attached to a wheelchair, very easily with zero compromise.

energy efficient student accommodation

Fleetwood Nautical College found the benefits of our wireless, energy saving light switches to become a real unique selling point for their student residential properties, an accommodation complex they take immense pride in;

“Our amazing facilities have been specifically designed so you can experience – and more importantly prepare for – life at sea. With separate areas for males and females, our hall of residence has everything you need, including single-berth cabins, wash facilities, a kitchen, a laundry, as well as a refectory and reasonably priced bar, with plenty of opportunities to socialise at our organised themed nights, again making the environment very much like that on board a ship”

Fleetwood are proud to put their student’s welfare at the forefront of their priorities, taking pride in the fact that the institution has been recognised for a vast array of commendable achievements;

  • An Ofsted Grade 1 Outstanding college
  • The highest possible Gold Rating in the government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)
  • Degrees awarded by Lancaster University – ranked in the UK’s top ten institutions*
  • The prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education Excellence regarding our partnership work with employers
  • One of only four Women in Maritime Charter pilot companies

Future Projects

Not only are our systems applicable to/ used for energy efficient student accommodation facilities, but Fleetwood Nautical College and other educational institutions may use our products to power classrooms and office space. Technology powered by ELe; such as our kinetic light switches, LED lighting, plug free computer systems and heating, are all powered much more cost effectively and with a substantially greener impact. 

Project Manager and Design Engineer of the Fleetwood Install Mike Greaves said;

“At ELe we have designed a range of technology that uses renewable and low voltage alternatives to current methods of power sourcing, such as solar energy, battery power and even devices that run from a single Ethernet cable. ELe are proud to have designed products that are unique in design and flexible in terms of multiple use for one client, rather than outdated, costly technology systems that require multiple tests, costly installation and have a more consequential impact on the environment.”

“In turn our products are contributively making workspaces a more sustainable, tidier place to be and we look forward to exploring more of our technology systems with Fleetwood Nautical Campus, to further improve their running costs and energy consumption in their office space, classrooms and throughout the campus, as well as our current work in their brilliant energy efficient student accommodation.”

To see how our ELe products are used in other areas of the Fleetwood college campus, please keep up to date with impending reports.

Fleetwood Nautical Campus
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