ele-factory-boltonExtreme low energy develops new technology for DC power distribution

Mark Buchanan founded ELe® in 2014 with an ambition to eliminate energy wasted through the AC/DC conversion process.

Having developed a unique approach to distributing power and data through Ethernet cabling, Mark moved on to designing and building prototype DC powered electronic devices to demonstrate his new infrastructure.

Mark worked with multiple specialist manufacturing partners to develop a new generation of low energy, full fat-client desktop solutions. Since the launch, the ELe® team has completed many successful power and ICT infrastructure installations in a range of education and business environments.
Mark and the team at ELe® continue to innovate and welcome new ideas and opportunities for developing further technologies and DC devices that utilise their unique power infrastructure and distribution solutions.


The Mission

The ELe mission is a simple one. To help organisations of every nature to reduce energy usage, lower carbon emissions and to deliver electronics and technology where there were none, thereby protecting the environment and the world in which we live.

In developed markets we aim to change the way electronics are powered and deployed and in emerging and developing markets we will seek to offer off-grid electronics as and where they are most needed.

In everything we aim to do we will make progress and sustainability our key drivers.