What is Energy4Education?

Energy4Education is ELe’s industry specific energy reduction programme aimed at schools, academies & universities. Energy is often one of the largest non-staff costs in a school. According to the Local Authorities, the average Energy bill in 2014/2015 per LA managed school was around £24,000, although secondary schools averaged bills of £89,000 per annum.

These figures reflect the growing trends that Schools are much more technically advanced these days and therefore consuming more energy. On top of this, as consumption has increased so have Energy costs with English schools’ expenditure on energy doubling between 2004 and 2009 and costs are inevitably set to rise year on year.

Challenges today’s Schools & Academies are facing:

  • Increasing Energy costs (‘£ spent per pupil’) = Less overall budget available to spend on value-add Educational resources.
  • Increasing Energy usage = higher CO2 / Carbon footprints. Reducing budgets (‘Total Income per pupil’) despite certain costs rising outside of the control of the school.
  • Implementing Energy efficiency projects (in most cases) involves some upfront costs and many schools do not have the funds necessary to undertake such projects. Catch-22.
  • Increased external Energy awareness and reporting of schools spending means Energy and Carbon outputs cannot and should not be ignored.
  • Sustainability is now appearing on Governors and Parents agendas.


Finance and Deliver the whole project for your school and pay for the loan out of the savings in future Energy bills.

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