Low Energy Classrooms

Low voltage, Low energy, high performance Classrooms for schools.

For schools our technologies offer important benefits  for both education managers  and computer users, including:

  • –> Plug & Play technology
  • –> Lower skilled labour for cheaper installations costs
  • –> Quicker installs = cheaper costs
  • –> Low Voltage workstations & lighting = safe
  • –> Simplified ongoing maintenance
  • –> Flexible classroom / workspaces
  • –> Use of additional renewable energy sources enabling further savings in electricity costs, carbon emissions and related taxes

Dramatic reductions in carbon emissions – improving your school’s environmental  profile and potentially creating a ‘live’ case study for new teaching and learning opportunities.

Flexible solutions to meet your site’s requirements

Depending on your goals, site set up and budget,  we can design a tailored technology solution that will deliver multiple  benefits  for your school’s staff and studentsS

See our Case studies for how schools are benefiting from the ELe solution  or have a read of our energy tips for schools https://extremelowenergy.com/top-tips-to-save-energy-in-schools/

Does your school have an unstable power supply?

For sites experiencing frequent  power outages and issues with load shedding, ELe®  energy storage systems  will ensure consistent and reliable energy provision allowing  enhanced  teaching  and computing capability.

Are you on a rural or campus site?

For partially  or fully off-grid  sites or sites already using sustainable energy sources  we can work with you to optimise the benefit of ELe® energy storage and Power Over Ethernet (POE) based technologies.

Are you working on a brand new school build?

For new site constructions ELe®’s streamlined, POE based computing infrastructure can improve classroom space planning and eliminate the need for additional cabling and costly plug points.

Find out more, call us today on: +44 (0) 1695 731942 or email: sales@extremelowenergy.com

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