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ELe®’s core business focuses on the design and supply of DC power storage and distribution infrastructures for schools, businesses and communities.

Simple ‘Plug & Play’ ELe® Infrastructures

ELe® DC power infrastructures connect seamlessly to a buildings existing Cat5E data network data network (POE). They can be DC power storage and distributioninstalled with minimal disruption and are easily scalable. Our technologies are also fully compliant with all electrical and networking standards.

LAN-CablePower & data are supplied to the ELe® PC and monitor by a single CAT5 cable. This would normally be your existing network infrastructure, but if you don’t have a network it’s no problem because it’s really easy to setup and you don’t need specialist electrical skills or accreditation.


DC Power Storage – the ELe® Energy POD (ELE-POD)

DC power storage and distributionELe® POD harnesses and stores energy in high performance lithium-ion batteries, leveraging beneficial off-peak energy tariffs. With superior charging and throughput, ELE-POD™ can replace UPS systems and is easily scalable as additional units are required. In sites with unstable energy supplies, ELE-POD™ can also replace back-up generators.



 Power over Ethernet (PoE) – the ELe® Power Injector (ELE-PDU2020)

Overlays power onto your existing ICT network infrastructure (Power Over Ethernet) and is fully compliant with all electrical and DC power storage and distributionnetworking standards.



DC Electronic Devices

As an innovator of ground breaking technologies, ELe® is continually investigating and developing new systems that help eliminate waste and present new performance benefits for the user. We can also support customers with renewable energy generation systems such as solar and wind power that feed into our DC infrastructures.and with the supply of specially adapted DC electronic devices to help maximise the benefit of our technologies. Some examples of the additional technologies we supply are detailed below.

 The ELe® PC & Monitor (ELE-NUC & ELE-MON)

ele-monele-pcIntel® Quad Core processor, standard firmware and drivers,128Gb solid state hard drive, 8Gb RAM- boots instantly. All the performance, with less than half the power consumption of a standard PC.
The ELe® PC is based on a standard Intel NUC motherboard and is fully supported by all the latest Windows drivers and updates. The ELe® monitor is DC powered too, so runs cool and uses minimal energy. By eliminating the all AC-DC conversions in the entire PC & monitor, the ELe® system is quieter, generates less heat, costs much less to run and is kinder to the environment.


Other DC Devices

ELe® can help optimise energy and carbon savings with a range of innovative DC powered electronic devices and equipment. These include:

  • DC Computer Servers
  • Cooling
  • Lighting
  • Tablet and Mobile Charging
  • Refrigeration

Our Low Powered Modular Building Solutions can include these technologies.

Clean Energy GenerationELe clean energy

For fully-off grid solutions, ELe® can also supply renewable energy technologies to connect with its low energy power infrastructures including Solar and Wind Power.

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