Low Energy Computing for Schools

ELe® in Education

High performance, low energy ICT suites for Schools, Colleges and Universities

In an education setting, computing can account for a significant proportion of a site’s energy costs. In schools, this can be as much as 25% of the electricity bill!

Low Energy Computing for Schools

ELe®’s award-winning ICT infrastructure is uniquely designed to deliver reliable, high performance computing for students and staff at a fraction of the energy consumption and carbon footprint.


For schools, colleges and universities, ELe® technologies offer important benefits for both education managers and computer users, including:

  • A minimum of 80% reduction in computing related energy bills.
  • More streamlined workspaces with minimal cabling and greater flexibility in how classrooms can be configured.
  • Robust, media-rich computing experiences with rapid log in times and reduced system failures.
  • A more comfortable, quieter working environment. With minimal moving parts in our equipment, ambient noise and heat generation is minimised.
  • Dramatic reductions in carbon emissions – improving your establishment’s environmental profile and potentially creating a ‘live’ case study for new teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Flexible solutions to meet your site’s requirements

ELe® technologies will deliver significant energy efficiencies, operating partially or fully off-grid. If you are aiming to introduce clean, renewable energy to your site, we can also work with to help you achieve your objectives and maximise your energy efficiencies.

Unstable Power Supplies – for sites experiencing frequent power outages and issues with load shedding, ELe® energy storage systems will ensure consistent and reliable energy provision allowing enhanced teaching and computing capability. Find out more

Rural or Campus Sites – for partically or fully off-grid sites or sites already using sustainable energy sources we can work with you to optimise the benefit of ELe® energy storage and POE based computing technologies.

New Builds – for new site constructions ELe®’s streamlined, POE based computing infrastructure can improve workspace planning and eliminate the need for additional cabling and costly plug points.

For more information contact ELe by telephone: 01695 731942 or email: sales@extremelowenergy.com

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