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Classroom ICT Energy Measurement Downloads

Classroom ICT Energy Meter Instructions.pdfFull Instructions to measure your classroom ICT using the free meter

Click on the image to download the A4 PDF document. You can printout the whole thing for reference, or if you prefer, just read on-screen and only print out Page 7, which you’ll need to record your results.

PassMark PC Performance testing software

Click on the image to be redirected to the PassMark downloads page. We recommend using this software in order to perform a standardised (and rigorous) measurement of your PC’s energy use when ACTIVE, rather than using whatever different types of software there happen to be installed on each PC.
Use of this software is optional. Another benefit is that the SPEED INDEX which the PassMark program produces will help you to understand just how good (or otherwise) your PC’s are, whether they are offering good performance value in return for the energy used, or whether you’d benefit from an upgrade. From this link you can download the current version 8 of the software. It’s easy to use and we find it invaluable. Please note that Ele have no relationship with the developers, and the software should be used in accordance with their terms and conditions.
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