The Business Academy Bexley – An ELe® Installation (One Year On)

As an early adopter of low-carbon initiatives, the Bexley Business Academy was first in the queue when Extreme Low Energy launched its innovative DC power infrastructure.

Having already trialed low-energy thin client solutions, Bexley’s IT team found that this technology was not achieving the performance they needed to run the complex software their curriculum required.

In February 2015 an ICT suite at the Academy was installed with ELe® NUC Intel PCs and low-energy monitors. The school immediately started to experience the energy savings and environmental benefits they were aiming to achieve.

One year on, re-visiting Bexley, we were keen to hear from staff and students about their experience of the ELe® installation.


bexley-academy-4The Energy and Environmental Savings

Bexley academy 4Over the first year, the Academy has been able to dramatically reduce its ICT suite energy consumption. With each PC now running at 40 Watts* instead of 100 Watts, initial energy running costs for the ICT suite were reduced from £749 to £262 per year, a saving of 65%.

As an environmentally progressive school, Bexley had already experienced the benefits of solar energy with a large ground mounted Solar installation. By adding some additional roof mounted panels to run ten of the new PCs, the school has been able to achieve even greater savings.

The annual energy costs for running the ICT suite are now at £166, giving an ultimate energy cost saving of 77%.

Over coming years the savings with ELe® technologies will increase year on year. Projecting out over ten years, from this single ICT suite, it is expected that Bexley will achieve an overall saving of £7,314 compared to running their old PCs.

As the Academy’s focus was as much about the environmental gains as the commercial gains, the savings in carbon emissions was equally important. Over the year, running the ICT suite with 20 PCs on the grid and 10 powered by solar, the school had managed to save 2.09 tonnes of carbon and a further £25.06 in CRC tax charges.


The Broader Benefits

From the staff and students at Bexley, the feedback on the computing user-experience has been nothing but positive.

Bexley Academy’s Head of IT, Michael Payne told us: “Since the ELe® computers were installed a year ago, we have experienced zero downtime or failures, which is remarkable. The computing performance has also been outstanding – with the lower power requirements and low heat generation, the PCs and screens are clearly working better and we believe will last us much longer.”

When the school experienced power outages, the resilience of the ELe® computers was particularly felt by the students. They were surprised and pleased to find the ELe® computer suite was still up and running, powered by stored energy, when all the other school computers were no longer working!

As ELe® systems have no moving parts, the school has also experienced a much quieter, cooler and calmer working environment compared to other ICT suites – a real bonus for both students and teachers.
Michael Payne concluded: “The energy and carbon reductions we have experienced have been extremely impressive. When multiplied across the school they will deliver some substantial savings for the Academy. We are now looking forward to a wider roll-out of ELe® technologies across the school.”

*ELe® continues to innovate and improve on its technologies. Since installing Bexley’s ICT suite in 2015, its latest ultra-low energy PCs have evolved even further to the extent that they are now able to run on 25-30 Watts giving and additional saving of at least 25%.


Summary of the annual savings at the Business Academy Bexley

Based on an ICT suite of 30 PCs


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