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Our client’s objectives

Richmond Housing  / RHP is aiming to break into the intermediate market in London – helping the growing group of people who don’t qualify for social housing but are priced out of the private market. The challenge for RHP was to make an affordable house to rent but also be affordable to live in without compromising on any of modern day technology and quality of life.


The technology solution

RHP has launched an innovative new modular home product ‘LaunchPod’. 

RHP Launcpod modular house external

The POD was designed to the highest standards by architects Wimshurst Pelleriti and low carbon / sustainable building design consultants Beverley Clifton Morris / BCM. The POD is powered with the lowest possible energy demand by Extreme Low Energy / ELe.

The prototype of the 26sqm one bedroom apartment was the first home to be built offsite using Composite Laminate Timber / CLT in ‘Legal and General Homes’ revolutionary 51,000 m2 factory in Leeds.

Legal and General Homes 51,000 m2 Factory

The low energy solution included low voltage solar generation, lithium energy storage packs and a full power over ethernet system to power lights, tv’s, charging points and a host of other electronic devices.

David Done, RHP’s Chief Executive says: “I’m really excited about this new product and the opportunities it can create for those struggling to rent in London. I was blown away when I first saw the prototype – it is spacious, modern and high quality. This is just one of the ways we’re aiming to combat the housing crisis and will contribute to our target of investing £250M in new affordable energy efficient homes over the next eight years”

.RHP Launcpod modular house internal1   RHP Launcpod modular house internal2

The results

In addition to the benefits to the user, the LaunchPOD concept ensures a faster construction, a more eco-friendly end-product and a marked development cost reduction compared with traditional builds, with the use of high quality materials producing a very high standard of build with a very low level of defects.

The use of the ELe low voltage infrastructure ensured installation costs were reduced with simple, plug&play technology, lowered energy costs by removing redundant led drivers or transformers and ensuring that ongoing maintenance is reduced and and simpler for the landlord as well as being able to be proactively managed with the aid of this clever power infrastructure.

ELe also built an energy app for the RHP tenants to be able to see visually what is happening within the property in terms of ‘real-time’ energy generation, energy storage and energy usage. RHP believe that if tenants understand energy better then this will drive further energy & carbon reductions which is good for everyone.

The project has been shortlisted by the NorthWest Regional Construction awards 2018 for the innovation of a plug&play offsite build project.

Construction awards shortlist revealed

RHP Launchpod partners

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