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Bradford Council Offices

Bradford Council has agreed a target of 20% for energy for delivery of its own functions to come from renewable sources and for a 40% reduction in council CO2 emissions by 2020.

It is within the Department of Corporate Resources that a pilot for an ELe® ‘Power over Ethernet office solution’ has been deployed. The pilot will demonstrate to the Council and its stake holders how the solution saves money off ongoing utility bills, reduces power usage at times of peak loads as the devices all run off stored energy, reduces heat output in the offices and reduces associated CO2 emissions,  increases electronic device longevity and eases maintenance ongoing.

The summarised benefits of the ELe® Low Voltage solution are:

• Leading edge energy efficiency in LED Lighting & Desktop Computers
• Use of NIGHT-RATE overnight electricity to charge the ELe-POD or alternately using excess solar power that would otherwise be exported to the grid
• Reduction in CO2 created
• Clever use of distributed ‘Direct Current’ DC Electricity
• Utilise an IT solution WITH NO MOVING PARTS – no fans or motors means less points of failure
• Reduced energy losses & wastage
• Reduced noise & heat dissipation
• Reduced ambient cooling requirements
• Reduction in CRC tax burdens
• Enhanced green credentials
• Removal of PAT testing for 8 screens, 4 desktop computers, 4 laptops, 8 tablets or phone charges – 24 in total

The ELe solution covers energy generation, energy storage, and low voltage Power over Ethernet distribution to electronic devices throughout the office.

ELe are now installing 7kWp of Solar panels to charge the 10kWh of Lithium battery packs and operate the office off-grid for at least 7 months of the year.

Demo Video: ELe kinetic powered wireless switching


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