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All Saints Church of England Primary School, located in the scenic town of Little Horton Green Bradford, wanted to refurbish their cluttered ICT room to make way for more learning space, as well as reduce their energy running costs on computing systems.

On this project, our technicians at ELe were required to perform a full install for a classroom-sized suite of computing equipment.

The All Saints ICT Suite was becoming disorganised and outdated, with machines running at a slower than average pace, and space for excess children was becoming scarce. Our solution, used ELe patented technology to transform the suite into a plug-free zone, with use of our Ethernet powered NUC devices which require a much smaller number number of cables and wires to run efficiently, due to our innovative PoE (Power over Ethernet) Technology.

Powered by ELe’s safe Low Voltage computer systems, our ICT tech runs using DC power instead of the converted AC. The fact that Ele have eliminated the conversion process, means no power is wasted through the excessive AC-DC transition. The solution provides a neat, low voltage and low maintenance system, that requires no PAT testing of plugs or sockets and no costly upkeep due to our Mobile ELe Monitoring App.

PC and LED screens are powered by only ONE cable, plugged in using the schools existing Ethernet CAT6 Cable. Energy Monitoring shows the suites power usage through the Ele power solution. All PC’s turn off on a schedule at night time, meaning no “standby power” function is used, saving unnecessary energy costs and reducing wasted emissions.

“The ELe ICT kit was brilliant as it meant we could install all of our computers and screens without any 3-pin plugs or 240V sockets, creating a safer workspace for the schoolchildren.”

“Using Ethernet cabling for power and data meant we didn’t need any outside electricians or to pay for additional electrical work to put the ICT suite together! We were also delighted that the ELe solution removed a lot of unsightly cabling under the desks, making it so much tidier and much more simple to install”

Amer Asif – IT Manager

We are excited to continue similar projects like this one on other schools and education facilities in the future.

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